5 Fold Media releases "Beyond the Sacred Vows" by Brooklyn Oliver

A riveting story about a Christian woman's victory over domestic violence.

Online PR News – 28-June-2012 – Syracuse, NY – BEYOND THE SACRED VOWS by Brooklyn Oliver documents her journey as she battled domestic abuse and finally discovered freedom through divorce. Her message resonates clearly: God has always cared for His people more than He cared for the “rules.” He doesn’t desire divorce, but if a woman is being abused, He provides a way out. If a man chooses to abuse his wife, God does not prohibit her from getting help, and if necessary, getting out of that marriage.

BEYOND THE SACRED VOWS by Brooklyn Oliver hits on a contemporary, and controversial, topic in the church today: should divorce become an option when there is abuse present? When Brooklyn realized that she and her children were in danger, she was presented with a heart-wrenching choice, and one that many people have to face today. How could she honor God, keep her children safe, and remain in bondage to an abusive spouse all at the same time? Follow Brooklyn as she journeys from oppression and fear to a life of freedom and joy.

About the book:
Beyond the Sacred Vows by Brooklyn Oliver
Published By: 5 Fold Media, LLC
Release Date: 6/12/12
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-1-936578-14-6
To Purchase: Barnes & Noble, Parable Christian Stores, Cokesbury Christian Books, Google books, and Books-A-Million.com. E-book format is also available. Contact your local bookstore, or order bulk directly from the publisher.

About the author:
Brooklyn Oliver became a Christian when she was a teenager. Wanting to follow God with her whole heart, she set off for Bible college after high school to live her dream: marry a handsome, godly man, minister as a team in a church somewhere, start a family and retire after they had grown old together. She thought this dream was about to come true as she blissfully began married life. Soon the happy home she had always imagined became a waking nightmare as her husband became more and more abusive. She found herself and her children in grave danger with no one to turn to—no one who had walked this road before her. Finally, she found peace and permission from God to get herself and her children out of harm’s way.