Opens Registration for Teleclass With Direct Message To Women:

Using a unique and guided approach accessing information from the feminine divine, Charlon Bobo at opens registration for upcoming teleseminar with timely message for women: Reclaim Your POWER.

Online PR News – 28-June-2012 – Santa Cruz, CA - USA – Santa Cruz, CA (USA), Tuesday - June 26th, 2012 -- Founder of ( ) and (r)evolutionary, Charlon Bobo, today announced the official registration launch of a teleseminar equipping women to reclaim their power.

With an ever-growing global focus on women’s empowerment, seminars, classes and conferences are making daily appearances on the internet. As a conduit for the message of the feminine Divine, Bobo is responding to the needs of women who are ready right now to implement unusual methods for dramatic results.

She says, "There are many organizations offering information, but very few seminars that develop content in direct, conversational collaboration with the feminine Divine; Mother God Azna. I want women to have direct access to the most meaningful message for right now. To accomplish that, I went right to The Source of feminine guidance and She overdelivered with easy and understandable, although unconventional, methods for each woman to reclaim her power."

Bobo continues, "I am often asked why reclaiming our power is important and if it really makes any difference. I say that any conscious action makes a difference. When you reclaim your POWER, you become a light in the world. As we hold the vision for ourselves, a beautiful metamorphosis occurs for all women and the entire planet."

Using a diverse blend of personal and professional experiences, Bobo serves a worldwide audience by providing a safe haven and effective tools for women to reclaim their power. Her skill set is uniquely comprised to equip women during the shift from patriarchy to the New Age. She delivers unconventional support for smooth, satisfying and dramatic transitions.

"Reclaim your POWER" will be hosted via telephone and webcast on Thursday, June 28th, 2012 at 9 PM Eastern. For full details and registration for this fun, interactive, and powerful 60-90 minute teleseminar, visit ( )

Charlon Bobo is a best-selling author, business visionary and reknowned writer on the topics of New Age feminism and business. Affectionately known as the '(r)evolutionary entrepreneur' Charlon develops high-impact marketing materials for conscious business owners and empowers women worldwide with her acclaimed 1-on-1 coaching; Stand In Your Power™. See more at

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