Infiniti Unveils Upcoming Luxury Electric Vehicle at Auto Show

Infiniti launched all new Infiniti LE Concept at NY Auto Show

Online PR News – 28-June-2012 – Florida – Ft. Lauderdale, FL, -- Lauderdale Infiniti, a leading Infiniti dealership in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is pleased to announce that Infiniti has just unveiled its all new Infiniti LE Concept car at the recent New York Auto Show.
The concept car is the luxury brand’s first zero emission luxury sedan and is already in the near—production state. The Infiniti LE Concept is a combination of an advanced electric vehicle drivetrain and wireless charging system with signature Infiniti luxury style and Inspired Performance. The production version of the LE Concept is expected to arrive in the dealerships in near-similar form within the next two years.
During a press release, Carlos Ghosn, president and chief executive officer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., mentioned, “Infiniti is about a unique fusion of performance and hospitality, and a distinct vision that challenges convention. Part of that vision, part of our challenger mindset, is a belief that the future of luxury is sustainable luxury.” He further added, “No other luxury brand has the corporate EV experience, the advanced battery technology, or the sustainable product credibility to claim a leadership position in zero emission luxury. No one except Infiniti.”
If you are keen to learn more about the Infiniti LE concept, here are some key features to help you get an idea what to expect from this new Infiniti car.
• Infiniti LE Concept sports luxury sedan style, combining signature Infiniti design cues with EV aerodynamic efficiency
• Exceptional acceleration and re-acceleration, providing a new level of luxury driving experience
• Leading-edge compact Lithium-ion battery technology
• Smart hospitality, featuring a quiet, luxurious Infiniti interior and next-gen Infiniti Connection, Infiniti Personal Assistant and EV connected services
• Innovative, intuitive home-based Wireless Charging System with Intelligent Park Assist
The LE Concept looks more like a true Infiniti rather than an electric vehicle with luxury attachments. From luxury body style to bold exterior and underlying high performance, the LE Concept is a pure Infiniti from every angle. The dramatic exterior is in perfect sync with the double arch grille and crescent cut rear pillar, with EV aerodynamic efficiency to create a sleek, emotional silhouette. The large front grille features a solid finisher and a charge port hidden under the illuminated center Infiniti emblem.
Infiniti-EV meters combine modern digital display and timeless analog gauges, creating an atmosphere of both exclusivity and futuristic design. The center cluster features an innovative connected twin display powered by an Intel Atom™ processor. The elegant, bolstered seat and door trim design also comes from traditional roots, inspired by the "Eriashi" (collar) of a Japanese kimono. The seats are covered in a suede-and-mesh fabric with violet accents, and semi-aniline leather sides.
Targeting "impressive city and highway EV acceleration," the engineering team behind the LE Concept's e-powertrain sought a silent, smooth response for both accelerating from a start and re-accelerating, such as merging onto freeways or changing lanes. Torque of 240 lb-ft is instantly available immediately at all times. The Infiniti LE Concept's battery system is a proven laminated 24 kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) design with a ChaDeMo DC50kW quick charger.
The Infiniti LE Concept's connectivity to the outside world includes the next generation of Infiniti Connection features, such as Infiniti Personal Assistant 24-hour concierge service, navigation, and POI search.
In terms of charging, the Infiniti LE Concept is equipped to utilize an integrated charging port, a DC Fast Charge option and an advanced Wireless Charging System, which is expected to be the first home-based wireless charging system if adapted for the production version.
The system's non-contact charging is via inductive energy flow, with a coil safely encased on the garage floor. The high-frequency AC-3.3 kW charging, controlled by the twin display or smartphone, is safe for children and pets and can be installed easily in a home garage.
In addition, taking inspired technology a step beyond, the Infiniti LE Concept features an Intelligent Park Assist with Around View™ Monitor to easily align the vehicle in the proper position over the wireless charging coil. The system uses e-steering, with full forward and backward capability, along with a 360-degree view of the surrounding area. It also bookmarks the parking place in GPS so that once the vehicle enters the garage, for example, the navigation system will automatically switch to Around View Monitor and the system is ready to park the car.
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