Palonek reminds Kansans to claim their lost or forgotten cash

Every day thousands of people lose track of their bank accounts, cash, stocks, bonds, refunds, safe deposit boxes and gift cards. Edward Palonek of is helping people just like you reunite with their unclaimed cash.

Online PR News – 03-March-2010 – – There is over $200 million worth of unclaimed property held in the State of Kansas according to Dennis Mckinney’s office of the Treasury.

In these unclaimed property accounts, you will find inactive savings and checking accounts, uncashed checks, stock shares and bonds, dividend checks, insurance proceeds, mineral royalties and utility deposits. Many unclaimed items do not have to be reported as unclaimed for 5-25 years, however, cash, stocks and bonds and safe deposit boxes must be reported unclaimed on an annual basis, says Palonek, founder of a unclaimed money and asset search service called, where people can search their names and the names of friends and relatives to see if they have any unclaimed cash that can be claimed.

Many people seem to forget about these unclaimed monies, in fact, there are over 15 thousand safety deposit boxes waiting for the rightful owners to make a claim. There are around 600 boxes that go unclaimed each year and Palonek would like to help reunite Kansans with their financial assets.

According to the State Office in 2009 over $20 million dollars were reported unclaimed and over 50% of that was returned to their rightful owners.

“During these very difficult economic times, taking action now could put much needed money in the pockets of thousands of Kansans” says Palonek. Searching for unclaimed money couldn’t be easier, simply go to and start your search for you a family member or a friend.

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