Goldvish, New editions of Goldvish Phones

Goldvish released new editions of luxury mobile phones. Now your going to be able to own new editions of luxury Goldvish mobile phones.

Online PR News – 03-March-2010 – – Luxurous is a new independent online e-commerce company announced new luxury editions of Goldvish mobile phones. Goldvish unveiled new models, which will preserve the breathtaking style of the above phones and boast some serious features too.

GoldVish Switzerland another manufacturer, so the Swiss accountable to 2 out of 3 brands of our article. The business is actually very simple, no matter the money is obscene. Swiss made and the Brits, the Russians to buy. Now, even GoldVish Illusion Millionaire Fair thing. Theirs is a very strict routine, and now no mood to experiment. The GoldVish, the handset is a surcharge of gold and diamonds - no more, no less. GoldVish phone and all at least 150 grams of 18K gold.

By the way, the company received a discharge in the famous world's most expensive phone. The 'Le million 'Piece Unique diamond comes with a full coat, which ensured that the location of the Guinness Book of Records. As for the mass (or anything else will be next to the devices they sell almost a million - pun intended) the company is only one line, and we checked out two of the model.

GoldVish equipment in the business of solid gold, diamonds and the jewels of the election. There are five handset line-up of the illusion, all coming in three different flavors.

The line-up Illusion that all boils down to how gold (white, yellow or pink) and the number of diamonds. The options vary from a diamond button, confirm that the stones Centerfold 1639 ultra-exclusive € 120,000 Like Heaven. What can we say - this is the Centerfold in 1638 because the owners that want to upgrade.