LDR Holistic Alcohol Rehab Center Offers Several Addiction Treatment Services

This Press Release informs the readers about the wellness programs and addiction treatments offered by LDR Holistic Wellness Centre. The organization is well known for providing unparalleled service of drug and alcohol addiction treatment as well as professional counseling.

Online PR News – 28-June-2012 – Langley British Columbia Canada – Langley BC, 7th June, 2012 - The LDR Holistic Centre is of the leading organizations in Canada that looks after the well-being of victims who have suffered the adverse effects caused by drugs and alcohol consumption. With its expert staff members and the best living facility being a part of the rehabilitation center forms to be the most exhilarating and productive experience as its treatment module looks after the all-round betterment of their physical and mental health. Through counseling and education sessions, as well as life skill development the patient’s lost confidence is boosted and coping up with the failures in life behind are adjusted; the module provides an extensive care and treatment regime.

Different treatment services are provided to addicts depending upon their condition at the given point of time. One prominent form of addiction treatment that is gaining impetus with LRD Holistic Wellness Centre is the Private Alcohol and Drug Detox treatment. The various detox services are available with a couple of different selections to provide flexibility. This treatment helps the patient to get rid of their dependency on drug or alcohol easily since the detox of the complete body is done. Other available options are Rapid Opiate Detoxification which is carried out by addiction specialist doctor to help the addicts to withdraw the opiates from the abuses created by drugs like heroin, methadone, pain killer etc. With its all-round patient wellness regime, the wellness centre has made a phenomenal contribution towards curbing an alarming international issue like drug abuse.

The span of their addiction treatment service varies from 1 month, 1 and a ½ half months, 2 months or three months long program depending upon the graveness of the addiction and mind setup of the addict. The four prominent areas on which the drug and alcohol rehab program focuses are Professional services, clinical or medical in nature, education for the patient and their associates, development of skills in addicts to live a better life without drugs or alcohol and one-to-one addiction relief services that may include supportive coaching, counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy etc.

Thus the flexibility in the programs adopted by LDR wellness centre with the professional staff leads to the complete recovery of the clients helping them to lead a respectful life in society.

To contact LDR Holistic Wellness Centre call its toll free number 1.87.529.3293 or visit its official website www.holisticdrugrehab.org.