The consequences of not protecting workers from cell tower RF radiation will be devastating to not only them and their families; but to all those who are involved

Online PR News – 03-March-2010 – – SAN DIEGO – RF CHECK Incorporated today announced that it has released of a powerful and informative RF safety video that describes the characteristics, benefits and dangers of wireless antenna sites that emit radio frequency (RF) radiation. This authoritative video has been posted on YouTube and other online video hosting sites.

This is the first of a series of NATIONAL WORKER RF SAFETY videos that are intended to educate the public on the benefits and human cost of operating wireless telecommunication networks. The content is based on extensive data collected and published by wireless health, safety and risk mitigation professionals. It is endorsed by industry insiders, national trade organizations, trade unions, building owners and insurance brokers.

The more than 600,000 wireless antennas across the United States come with a public health and RF safety hazard: RF radiation, also known as EMF radiation. That’s why the FCC adopted the ANSI/IEEE human exposure limits in 1997 to protect us from this RF hazard.

An increasing number of RF radiating antennas are being placed on buildings, light poles, faux structures, steeples, clock towers, etc. many of which are located at unsuspecting workers’ jobsites. Yet, current methods used to protect workers from being overexposed to RF radiation from antennas are obsolete.

“Due to the massive proliferation of wireless transmission sites in the United States, it has become impossible for wireless communication service providers to protect the thousands of workers who have to work near these antenna sites,” commented Rick Burnheimer, vice president of RF CHECK. “Similarly, the FCC does not have the resources to enforce their existing RF safety regulations. It is our hope that RF CHECK can be used to completely negate the harmful side effects of our love affair with wireless communications.”

CTIA – The Wireless AssociationTM agrees that wireless antennas are everywhere. In its “How Wireless Works” brochure, it states “no longer just big radio towers, wireless antennas can be mounted in church steeples, on trees and flagpoles, and on top of tall buildings. Many are no larger than stereo speakers.”

It also admits that call quality, not RF safety, at wireless antenna sites is their priority. The CTIA claims “even more resources would be invested in improving (wireless) coverage if millions of dollars were not tied up in fulfilling new government rules and regulations that do not address consumers’ number one priority--increased quality and coverage.”

Fortunately for the citizens of this nation, optimal call quality and coverage do not have to come at the expense of one’s health. A simple and no-cost solution exists.

To learn more about the growing risks of RF over-exposure at wireless antenna sites, follow this link to YouTube or visit

RF CHECK Incorporated is a San Diego based wireless technology company specializing in RF radiation safety and compliance. The company has invested over $6 million over the past five years in research and development to perfect a comprehensive RF safety system for every wireless transmission site in the United States. RF CHECK is a socially responsible solution in providing RF radiation safety for all workers and the public. The company has garnered broad support from key constituents within the wireless telecommunications ecosystem for its comprehensive RF radiation safety and health system. For more information visit,
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