Alternative Theory Economist Launches Book, My Secret Techniques to Forecast the Stock Market

Author and economist, Dr. Peter Achutha, launches his latest book “My Secret Techniques to Forecast Stock Market” through Facebook and Google+. The downloadable book explains how to forecast market tops and bottoms, risk, exposure.

Online PR News – 28-June-2012 – Selangor, Malaysia – Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia, June 26, 2012 -- Dr. Peter Achutha, noted for his Alternative Theory of Economics, which uses probability theory and wave theory to predict stock market and commodity trends, has launched his latest book "My Secret Techniques to Forecast the Stock Market". This is not the typical stock market book as it explains, in simple layman's terms, without using Technical Analysis, Stochastic, Japanese Candle Stick or any other conventional techniques, how to predict the stock market tops and bottoms. He looks at stock trends and explains risk and exposure.

He says 'The main reason the American and European Banks suffered heavily losses and there by triggering the World Wide Recession of 2008 was due to their lack of understanding of risk and exposure or their inability or unwillingness to set financial safeguards to limit their over exposure to market conditions. Furthermore they had no models to show when the market would peak and when it would bottom out'.

The book explains that economies and markets are in constant oscillation and hence it is possible to forecast when the stock market would peak and when they would bottom out. The author shows several simple techniques, which can be used by visual inspection, to determine when the next market top and market bottom will occur. He does explain the advantage or need for such techniques especially if one is an investor and shows an example of 3600% return on investment within 3 years.

Furthermore, the author explains that when examining charts to look out for certain long term patterns to help the reader visualize the stock market trends. An important topic not covered by many books and courses is how to determine one's cut loss position. This is the point at which one needs to get out of the stock market if the market is unprofitable.

The book can be purchased at normal price at

The publisher, Peter Publishing, is promoting their book through social network sites such as Facebook and Google+. Users of Facebook or Google+ can get massive discounts for the book when they inform their friends through their Facebook App or Google+ promotion program. For more information please visit or their site at

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