Youth Relaunch

Youth Culture, one of Canada's largest youth media and research companies announces relaunch of

Online PR News – 03-March-2010 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE --- TORONTO, Canada --- March 1, 2010 -- Youth Culture, one of Canada's largest youth media and research companies, has plenty to be proud of as it kicks off the first quarter of 2010 with the relaunch of and their highly sought after youth research capabilities. It's no surprise their biggest publication, Vervegirl Magazine, Canada's leading in-school magazine for young women, is teaming up with Canada's largest-circulation newspaper, The Globe and Mail for the distribution of Vervegirl's highly anticipated July/August Back to School Fashion issue. “Back to school, for many youth marketers, is a key sales period. Our distribution within The Globe and Mail for our July|August will distribute Vervegirl Magazine into 180,000 homes with teens. If you reach the kids – you reach the parents!” says Youth Culture's President & CEO, Kaaren Whitney-Vernon.

Youth Culture, among the plethora of communications and media services, offers its clients unique, turnkey, multi layered marketing campaigns. When independent and Fortune 500 companies are mandated to reach youth, Youth Culture is their top resource to successfully bridge the age/gender gap via mobile, promotional, educational and experiential formats. “Youth Culture is more than just a magazine. We are research, web, social media, in store. Youth Culture follows youth where they spend their time – online and offline.” says Whitney- Vernon.

Generation Z is embarking on their teen years and with that comes significant changes in values, attitudes and behaviours in comparison to Gen Y. Marketers are going to have to be well equipped with knowledge of Gen Z in order to develop sound strategies. Youth Culture Research is a conduit to bridge the potential disconnect between marketers and the demo. “We understand youth and constantly have our finger on the pulse of what's happening through our research, print and online initiatives. Our clients rely on us to convey their message in ways Gen Z understands – and it works!”, says Youth Culture's President & CEO, Kaaren Whitney-Vernon. Over the last 17 years, Youth Culture Research has further devolved their customized and syndicated research into the youth market. Leveraging their findings into strategic data, exclusive to their clients, they are able to offer insightful perspectives in the Canadian marketplace. Youth Culture Research clients include leading edge technology companies, retailers and post secondary institutions.

Youth Culture is excited to publish their 2nd annual Fuel Inc. Careers Uncensored slated to be unleashed in high schools and campuses across Canada in September 2010. Having received high praise from students, educators and advertisers, Fuel Inc. Careers Uncensored, offers an edgy, tongue in cheek outlook of the future career trends in the Canadian market. Now that's something to Tweet about.