Ohio Energy Services Company Expanding

Ohio Energy Services company, Brewer-Garrett, will be conducting a major renovation of its headquarters in Middleburg Heights to stimulate job growth and expand the company's engineering capabilities.

Online PR News – 27-June-2012 – Middleburg Heights, Ohio – The Brewer-Garrett Company is Making Room to Hire New Employees

Middleburg Heights, Ohio - June 22, 2012: The Brewer-Garrett Company will be conducting a major renovation of its headquarters facility located in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. The renovation will expand the office facilities by 6,500 square feet to allow for further growth of Brewer-Garrett's engineering capabilities. The company is not only excited about their state-of-the-art facility plans, but eager to give back to the region by stimulating job growth and opening up new positions. The project will allow for the hiring of new employees with an expected expansion of approximately 64%.

Brewer-Garrett Electrical Engineer, Kirk Puterbaugh, states that, “Nearly half of the sheet metal shop, as well as the existing office space, will be converted into an open office. The open office plan will make more efficient use of space, allowing Brewer-Garrett to house more employees in the same amount of room.”

Brewer-Garrett's core business is the creation and implementation of energy conservation projects for a vast array of customers, including K-12 school districts, colleges and universities, municipal and county governments, and private commercial and industrial businesses throughout Ohio and the surrounding states. With this core business in mind, Brewer-Garrett will focus on energy efficiency and sustainability in the design of their facility.

The renovation will replace and retrofit the current lighting systems throughout the facility. Because lighting consumes over 40% of all electricity used in a commercial office facility, addressing efficiency in these systems will result in significant energy reductions and reduced maintenance needs. This improvement in lighting quality will also make the space safer and more productive. Brewer-Garrett will utilize long life products to reduce waste, and be more sustainable by using products containing very low amounts of mercury. As part of the retrofit, Brewer-Garrett will also incorporate other initiatives, such as putting occupancy controls on its vending machines. This is another simple and innovative way to reduce electrical consumption.

The mechanical and plumbing systems throughout the facility will also be significantly updated, greatly improving the comfort and operation of the facility while saving up to 15% in energy for heating and cooling. These mechanical systems will be controlled by a new state-of-the-art building automation system. This will allow for the building systems to be set-back during unoccupied times saving wear on the equipment and a considerable amount of energy. Brewer-Garrett will also utilize a lighting control system tied into the main building automation system, which will allow for scheduling as well as occupancy and daylight control. In restroom areas, the company will utilize the latest in ultra-low flow fixtures to minimize water and sewer usage.

Puterbaugh states, “This project is being handled by Brewer-Garrett's own in-house engineering and energy services department. They will be using the office as a showcase for the latest in commercial HVAC and electrical technology. Visitors will be able to see first-hand the quality of work they will receive as customers of The Brewer-Garrett Company.”