Citation urge companies to have a health & safety spring clean

All businesses need to keep their health and safety arrangements up to date, and with spring on its way, now is a good time to undertake a review.

Online PR News – 03-March-2010 – – All businesses need to keep their health and safety arrangements up to date, and with spring on its way, now is a good time to undertake a review.

Alastair Hall, Head of Health & Safety at Citation said ‘We provide clients with the necessary tools and advice to lessen the management time they spend on complicated and time consuming issues such as Health & Safety Policies, Risk Assessments and COSHH. Citation’s bespoke Health & Safety systems protect both the employer and the employee.”

Citation have summarised some key areas you may want to consider as part of your ‘spring clean’:-

Risk assessments
Do you undertake regular workplace Risk assessments? Generally, risk assessments should be reviewed at least annually, or where there has been an in-take of new employees, an introduction of new equipment or work procedures, or following an accident at work.

First-aid provision
Have you reviewed your provision of first-aid personnel and kits recently? What is adequate and appropriate will depend on many circumstances relevant to the workplace and businesses are required to make, or review an existing assessment, to determine what first-aid arrangements are needed.

Health and safety training
Are your training records up to date? Training, including health and safety training, should be an on-going process to ensure that employees are carrying out their duties correctly and safely. In addition, if there have been any accidents in your workplace over the winter period you should also consider refresher training for relevant employees.

Work equipment
All work equipment should be fit for purpose and be subject to regular checks, maintenance, servicing and, where appropriate, testing and thorough examination. Records of any such checks and maintenance should be made and a programme of maintenance put in place.

Chemical storage facilities
Following the harsh winter we have experienced it is recommended that storage facilities of any hazardous substances, both inside the premises and any stored outdoors, remain intact and are maintained in good condition.

Outdoor areas of the workplace
Damage to traffic routes, e.g. pot holes in paths, company car parks and roads, is a common consequence of periods of bad weather, together with the use of grit and salt etc. to clear away snow and ice. To minimise the risk of slips and trips, and damage to vehicles, employers should ensure that outdoor areas of the workplace are just as safe as those indoors and carry out regular checks e.g. ensure pot holes are filled in, drain covers are in place etc.

Citation can help
If you are worried about any of the health & safety areas outlined above, are unsure of your legal obligations as an employer or want to improve your chances of winning tenders, Citation can help.

Citation is a leading provider of Health & Safety and Employment Law compliance solutions, supporting over 6,000 clients throughout the UK. Contact us on 0845 844 1111 to find out how we can support your business or visit further information.

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