Baby Boomer Mom And Gen Y Son Take Family Business Into The 21st Century

A baby boomer mother inspired her Gen Y son to build her a craft supplies store online. She was amazed to see that her son had built a state of the art website, which is now gaining popularity online.

Online PR News – 26-June-2012 – Perth, WA – Helen Hatton had been running a successful Craft supplies store at her local market for 28 years. Without any knowledge on how to build a website, the reach of her business was confined to the local market. Customers would often comment that they'd traveled a long way to visit her store and wished she was closer to their town or city.

Helens son James Hatton had asked her many times if she wanted to get her store online but Helen declined because she had no idea about the internet.

Hatton's son James had asked her many times if she wanted to get the store online to expand the reach of her popular little store, but she declined because she had no idea about the internet. James then spent 6 months learning and put in months of work to build his mum a state of the art website called "Alacraft."

"I was very impressed with what James had accomplished. The site is so easy to use and navigate and and we're already starting to get orders" Hatton said, adding, "I hope my story can be an inspiration to other baby boomers to get their successful brick and mortar businesses online." One of Alacraft's first ever customers just wanted to Buy lace online, but ended up choosing Alacraft as their go to store for all craft supplies.

Hatton does all of the product buying, supply and dispatch for Alacraft while James looks after the technical and support aspects of the website. "A perfect balance allowing both of us to do what we do best" she said. "I've recently started adding some articles to my site to share Scrapbooking ideas and provide craft related tips for beginners," Hatton added.

Alacraft is already gaining popularity and traffic to the site is increasing every month. Just like with the market craft store, customers are coming back to purchase Knitting supplies, scrapbooking materials and even wall stickers to decorate their homes. This mom and son have proven that Baby Boomers and Gen Y's can work together to take an old family business into the 21st century.

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