Finding New Clients For Psychologists - Psychologist Anywhere Announces A Solution

Finding new clients is a challenge faced by many Psychologists. Psychologist Anywhere® introduces a free solution to this problem.

Online PR News – 26-June-2012 – Melbourne, Australia – Continually finding new clients is an ongoing challenge for many Psychologists.

Psychologist Anywhere, an Australian business, provides a free solution to this problem. It will direct potential new clients to listed Psychologists based on specified search criteria, and there is no cost to either the Psychologist or the clients for this service.

The founders of this business have previously launched other world-first free software which is now used worldwide by businesses, schools, churches, NFP’s, organizations and governmental agencies. Michael Marcus, CEO of PsychologistAnywhere said “We believe that our prior experience in creating and marketing an online concept will help ensure the success of this project. We also believe that this solution addresses the fundamental needs of Psychologists to find new clients, and clients to contact their choice of psychologist in a manner that is unique and at no cost”.

Marcus explained that it operates as follows: Psychologist Anywhere provides a free website where Psychologists can have their detailed professional profiles listed. Psychologist Anywhere will then conduct targeted marketing activities to inform and direct potential new clients to the website. Website visitors make contact with their preferred Psychologist by clicking on a button on the Profile page for an immediate online counselling session, or to send a message (if the Psychologist is busy or unavailable). The choice of Psychologists can be narrowed down based on search criteria such as Areas of Skill, Language, and Location etc.
All that’s required is an internet connection.

The use of the internet to provide online counselling services is a (growing) fact of life that has many advantages for both Psychologists and clients and is with us to stay. However it’s the parties themselves who must finally decide if the solution suits them and the specific situation

The website is located at and

Marcus said that a couple of issues are typically raised as areas of concern: “The first is Confidentiality. The system uses Skype® for online counselling. Skype is highly encrypted as is apparent from their website, and as one would expect from the software that is in the forefront of this technology.
The second is Transaction confidentiality. Psychologists transact directly with the client. We have no role whatsoever and are unaware whether anything is paid, and if so, how much.
We have addressed other questions in the FAQ’s, and are happy to respond to any specific questions”.

“The use of the internet to provide online counselling services is a (growing) fact of life that has many advantages for both Psychologists and clients, and is with us to stay. However, it’s the parties themselves who must finally decide if the solution suits them and the specific situation”.

The benefits to Psychologists and clients are many.
Psychologists get new referrals (at no cost), and can consult from anywhere at any time with the obvious benefits of reduced overhead costs, and reduced travelling time.
Clients are able to search for and select from a wider choice of Psychologists, and have access for online counselling either immediately or by appointment. Distance is not an issue. Interruptions to work and family time are minimized.

Psychologist Anywhere will be offering website-creation services to Psychologists who may want their own website, but may not be sure how to go about it. They also provide each Psychologist the opportunity to have their own Blog, as well as a Forum for Psychologists.

Marcus said, “The current phase is to establish the core group of Psychologist who will provide their services to visitors to the website. Once we have a reasonable cross-section of Psychologists who have registered, their profiles will be activated at the same time and Psychologist Anywhere will begin directing potential clients to the website”.

The number of Psychologists will be limited to ensure that clients do not have “choice-overload”. Early registrants will get preference.

Psychologists who want to be listed can register on the website at or

About Psychologist Anywhere®:
Psychologist Anywhere® provides a free website where Psychologists can list their professional profile. People requiring a Psychologist can search for and contact a Psychologist for immediate online counselling or to make an appointment. Psychologist Anywhere® is located in Melbourne, Australia. Its primary motivation is to make it easy for Psychologists and clients to find each other.

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