m62 Urges Presenters to Make the Move to Visual Presentations

m62 urges presenters to stop using PowerPoint slides consisting of text and images, and instead to use more effective slides that help explain a point.

Online PR News – 02-March-2010 – – m62 visualcommunications, the global leader in presentation effectiveness, is today urging presenters to stop using PowerPoint slides consisting of text and images, and instead use more effective slides that help to explain a point.

Over 30 million powerpoint presentations are delivered worldwide every day, and many of these consist of ineffective bullet points or images. Using self-explanatory or text-heavy slides can result in the audience believing that they understand the presenter’s point before he has finished it, thus causing the audience to disengage and ignoring the presenter completely.

Presentations in which the presenter reads text from the slides verbatim are the least effective. Not only does this render the presenter’s role defunct, but this has in fact been voted as the number one annoyance for audience members in various different surveys.

Instead, presenters should use slides that contain little or no text, using instead diagrams and graphs to support each point visually. The presenter should explain each point in synchronisation with the slides, thus creating a seamless effect.

Nicholas Oulton, Founder of m62, commented: “Many presenters use bullet points to help them structure the presentation, and remember what to say.. However, it has been proven time and again that bullet points do not work. Bullet points are beneficial to the presenter but not to the audience, and if a presenter disregards his audience, they are far less likely to be positively influenced by what he has to say.

“Slides should instead be used to support the presenter, and not to function without him. Certain techniques can be incorporated into a presentation too. The use of Passive Mnemonic Processes such as Visual Cognitive Dissonance has been shown to greatly increase audience engagement and recall rates, ultimately resulting in a greater percentage of successful pitches in sales presentations.”

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