Website focused on ethics in internet marketing is back online

Online PR News – 24-June-2012 – Jackson – After a three year break, the AccerTruth website is back in operation. Still located at the same web address and still focused on ethics in internet marketing, now boasts a new title: "The Truth About Making Money Online." Even though the site has been revamped, its mission remains the same: to promote fair and honest internet marketing.Founded in 2005 by Joel Heim, AccerTruth is a resource for people who want to make money online while avoiding deception and scams. Heim remains the owner and webmaster. What distinguishes him from others in internet marketing is that Heim is a trained ethicist. Known online as Accer, Heim earned his Ph.D. in social ethics from the University of Southern California. Heim states, "I started AccerTruth because I was scammed and ripped off when I tried to make money in internet marketing."While "The Truth About Making Money Online" sells products, it does so by providing fair and honest reviews of products. This means customers are not deceived into making poor purchases. "Unfortunately, even very good internet products are promoted with such hype that they end up misrepresenting themselves," reports Heim.When visitors go to "The Truth About Making Money Online," they do not just encounter sales pages, they read fair and honest reviews of the product. This ethical approach enables internet marketers to make informed decisions about what they do and do not buy. "The Truth About Making Money Online" also contains a wealth of free information and online courses designed especially for newcomers. But, these same features also help experienced internet marketers develop new skills. "The new blog-based platform makes it an ideal gathering place for internet marketers to discuss our craft," says Heim. "I changed to a blog to realize another dream of mine," continues Heim. "I want to be the place where internet marketers work together to create profitable, legitimate and ethical home businesses."For more information, visit AccerTruth.comAccerTruthJoel Heim, 262-677-3505Owner and