Tanda Pearl Teeth Whitening Gets Rave Reviews Says Teeth Website

Tanda Pearl is a newer at home teeth whitening product and according to Shelly Smith at Teeth Whitening Reviews 101, consumers are happy with the product.

Online PR News – 24-June-2012 – San Diego, CA – teeth whitening website www.teethwhiteningreviews101.com reports that Tanda Pearl teeth whitening is getting above average reviews from consumers. Tanda Pearl is one of the newer teeth whitening products to meet the new demand of consumers looking for at home teeth whitening products.

"Consumers want to have a white smile without having to head to the dentist" says Teeth whitening reviews 101 spokesperson Shelly Smith. "We see all these new products hitting the market and it is definately because businesses see the demand from consumers." Smith says that it's common for new products to hit the market, but, the response being so positive is not common. "Tanda Pearl has been getting great reviews from consumers so far. We don't see that very often".

Smith says that their site not only allows consumers to review products on their site, but, they monitor reviews across the web. Smith says that it's still early to tell if Tanda Pearl will stand the test of time, but, that they are off to a good start.

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