Pathways To Peace Offers Innovative Treatment Options For Every Addiction

To learn more about Pathways to peace, check them out on their website at, and find out about how you can lead a sober life once again.

Online PR News – 25-June-2012 – N/A, FL – If you or someone you know is struggling with any type of addiction, you may want to consider contacting Pathways to Peace, and innovative transitional sober living home in Florida. The staff at Pathways to Peace has a strong belief that it is their solemn duty to help men and women lead healthy, sober lives once again, by providing a strong, upstanding example, and a superior structured living. Pathways to Peace is based on the 12 principles of recovery, which are hope, faith, courage, honesty, willingness, integrity, humility, justice, sisterly love, spirituality, perseverance and service.

With the basis of this sober living Florida house, you will experience tender and caring love and understanding, which will help you to learn and grow within yourself, and achieve your goal of sobriety. With the most serene environment available, you will be treated as an equal, upstanding individual, and encouraged to leave the groundwork required to assist you in a successful recovery. You will be encouraged in every aspect of your treatment, to overcome your fears, and it with this courage, you will be able to achieve sobriety for the rest of your life.

Pathways to Peace is an ideal opportunity for any woman who wants to experience sober living, as well as make lifelong friends while experiencing independence, understanding, therapy and hope. Every resident will be able to experience a structured environment that encourages every individual's independence, ensuring lifelong success in recovery. This includes 12 step meetings, step work, one-on-one therapy and sponsorship.

The staff at Pathways to Peace understands that a successful recovery is truly balanced, based on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness. It is for this reason that they focus on providing you the most balanced recovery program available, to ensure that you achieve long lasting sobriety, and the strength to carry on. The outpatient programs available at Pathways to Peace are based on the most effective methods available, with proven success over an extensive period of time.

You will be able to achieve recovery and long-lasting success in your sobriety, by changing old and detrimental behaviors and habits, which have been associated with your dependency for so long. Because these changes are difficult to make, the staff at Pathways to Peace will provide you with the supervision and support that you need, to assist you in recovering from any addiction you have, overcome the trauma that you have spear against, and change your emotional and behavioral problems. This process takes time, which is why the staff at Pathways to Peace provides you the nurturing structure you need to achieve change.

Treatment is extremely flexible, and is always individualized, ensuring that every need that you have is met, or exceeded. In addition, no matter what your personal, employment or family commitments, you will be able to take advantage of a therapy in the treatment schedule that works around your life, so you can experience sobriety once again. To learn more about how pathways to peace can help you, you are encouraged to visit them online at, or you can contact them any time, toll-free at 800-714-8260.