Spiritual Healer's New Counseling Services Blog Offers Loving Guidance

New website offers free insights and paid counseling to help empower people to resolve issues.

Online PR News – 25-June-2012 – Pittsburgh, PA – Through a new weekly blog and website, Jared now makes information available about spiritual growth, personal insights, psychic attack, paranormal activity, and much, much more of interest to spiritual health seekers.

A powerful self-awareness allows Jared to understand and empathize with others because he's already been in their shoes, learned coping skills, the ability to recognize what the patterns are and how to extricate himself from them, which is what he teaches his clients to do.

Jared will help you as much as possible to become re-empowered in yourself to resolve issues with his strong loving guidance. Jared, a fully credentialed minister and spiritual counselor and spiritual healer, with 4+ decades of study and experience in various fields of personal awareness and psychology, announced his new weekly blog and website with information and help about spiritual health, paranormal activity, personal issues, psychic attack, and information pertinent to spiritual seekers of all kinds, where he offers spiritual readings and spiritual healings by email, phone, and webcam counseling as a spiritual psychic healer for your spiritual journey.

Jared is a Soul Level Initiate who possesses multi-dimensional consciousness and awareness. He reads directly into the Soul, an extremely rare talent and gift, sees issues that are out of balance, discerns how to-and then does-balance them as much as possible, and then helps the spiritual seekers learn to balance their issues themselves to become naturally re-empowered, and re-aligned in their consciousness and their Soul once again.

Since 1973, Jared has participated in countless seminars, workshops and inter-personal classes in human personal awareness.

He has also studied and trained in Transactional Analysis for more than 500 hours [10+ years], a field of psychology founded by Dr. Eric Berne, author of "Games People Play". Other fields of study include Human Development, Human Management, Management Development and Specialized Listening.

He has 10 years of study, personal experience, and self-healing in Trauma, Depression, Dissociation, and PTSD.

Reach Jared through his website, JaredSpiritualHealer.com.