BrilSlate Android Tablet Compares With The Best Based On Unbiased Customer Reviews

While there are several reviews about Android tablets, this one aims to speak about one particular model. This review features the BrilSlate Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet from Bril, by sharing unbiased customer reviews.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Bangalore, India – This review by Industrial Research Corporation features unbiased customer feedback comparing the BrilSlate with some top notch brands that would normally not be reviewed with an Android Tablet in this category.

This review is a result of voluntary feedback sent by two gadget junkies who bought, used and reviewed the BrilSlate vis-a-vis other tablets they own and / or tested.

"The BrilSlate is very user friendly, has nice bold fonts, even has '&' which I think both the Samsung & Blackberry tablets don't have.It also shows word options above for quick type as well as punctuation marks so I don’t have to keep switching windows! Cool!," says Ramesh Sankaran, owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook and BrilSlate.

Sankaran goes on to say, "This Tablet surprisingly is really quick to load. The BlackBerry Playbook takes HOURS to load! The USB option is a boon as even many of the bigger brands don’t have it."

This tablet surprisingly is really quick to load. The BlackBerry Playbook takes HOURS to load! The USB option is a boon as even many of the bigger brands don’t have it.

Ramesh Sankaran, who is a very senior IT and management professional adds that the BrilSlate is very 'intuitive' and supports MSOffice files which his other two tablets don't.

Sankaran adds, "I really liked the elegant leather cover too... Samsung didn't give any cover at all; we had to buy it for an additional Rs 2000!"

Sankaran sums up, "BrilSlate's resolution could have been a tad better, but all-in-all it is a superb tablet for its price!"

The next reviewer was Sakthivel, who works for Bril but is brutal with his reviews, as he is a hardcore gadgets veteran. Sakthivel had the following to say about the BrilSlate Android 4.0.3 Tablet, "Brilslate 4.0 ICS is even better than the previous Android 2.3 release. Its UI, 5-point multi-touch, multitasking and battery backup are unmatched when compared to any android tablet currently available in the market (I say this after testing 15 models including Lenovo & HP)."

Sakthivel continues, "I'm particularly impressed with its video playback- What clarity! It's truly a pleasure using the BrilSlate for movies!"

He adds, "While there are so many good features I have to talk about some drawbacks also. The built-in speaker could have been louder, the Ram which is 512 MB could have been higher for even better multi-tasking."

Sakthivel sums up by saying, that overall BrilSlate is by far the best Android Tablet from a price and performance perspective.

Sakthivel and Sankaran apart, the BrilSlate has been getting rave reviews from several users across the country. In fact, a leading UK based IT company has recently shortlisted the BrilSlate as a potential winner from over 10 other major brands for supply to several colleges in a southern state in India. While the final decison has not been made, the company has confirmed that it is highly satisfied with BrilSlate's performance. Whether the BrilSlate finally gets picked or not, this is a validation of the high quality standards of BrilSlate.

The fact that this Rs. 10,999/- MRP tablet is being compared with tablets that are priced above Rs. 30,000 by customers is a huge victory for BrilSlate.

The BrilSlate can be purchased online at Bril's website

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