Visual Impact Cardio Helps Beta Tester Lose Weight Fast

Beta tester loses 19 pounds in only 8 weeks following new cardio program, Visual Impact Cardio.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Medford, OR – After a mere 8 weeks, the Beta tester for Visual Impact Cardio was able to lose 19 pounds and get down to an impressive single digit fat percentage!

"I still can't believe how well the program worked! I've followed a few other cardio workouts in the past and I was able to maintain a decent level of fitness but after going through this program I am a firm believer that this is the only way to go when it comes to doing cardio to lose weight. I mean, seriously ... just checkout my results!" - Kevin McMillian, official beta tester.

Ever since the release of this program many are jumping on board and finding great success. In fact, there are already many different websites talking about Visual Impact Cardio and McMillian's success. One of the popular ones is the Visual Impact Cardio Facebook page.

To get lean quickly you will want to spend more time near your lactate threshold level ... Spend more of your time training at that level when you do cardio ...

In addition to the Facebook page though, the beta tester has one of his own sites where he documented and kept track of his 8 weeks while on the program. No doubt, the most popular site behind this program is the official review site:

Visual Impact Cardio is the newest and most exciting cardio breakthrough to hit the online scene for quite some time now. In an age where everyone is after the best of the best, this cardio course certainly delivers. During an interview of Visual Impact Cardio author, Rusty Moore, he goes into detail as to why he feels this is going to work for so many people and what separates it from the rest.

"To get lean quickly, you will want to spend more time near your lactate threshold level ... Spend more of your time training at that level when you do cardio ..." - Rusty Moore

In that interview Moore does outline how to find your lactate threshold but the actual course goes much, much deeper into the subject. Much like his other products, Moore delivers big time on this one. Not only is it packed with documented scientific proof as to why this cardio works so good, it still has Moore's personality shining through.

With an honest approach to weight loss and cardio, this is certainly the winner for years to come.

For more information about the program feel free to checkout Kevin's review site or visit is a site dedicated to showing what can be accomplished while following the workouts in the course. In real-time, the author documented his struggles as well as his awesome victories from week to week.

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