Dental Care For Children Provides Over $81,000 In Free Dental Care To Kids In Haiti

Founded by Dr. Charles Tozzer, Dental Care for Children has provided millions of dollars of free dental care to impoverished children worldwide. The most recent trip took them to an orphanage in Haiti where they helped over 182 children.

Online PR News – 23-June-2012 – Irvine, California – For thousands of children across the world, access to dental care is a luxury they simply can’t afford. Whether they’re inhibited by the cost of dental treatment or the unavailability of nearby dentists, the oral health of many children goes unchecked, culminating in decay and possible infection.

Left unchecked, the infection can spread to the brain, potentially causing death. Aware of the plight of these children, Dr. Charles Tozzer has founded Dental Care for Children, a non-profit organization that helps treat these underserved children.

Founded in 1992, Dental Care for Children has traveled to impoverished areas within the United States, Mexico, and Haiti in order to provide free dental care to children in each respective area. Having gone on over 175 trips since the inception of the program, the team, led by Dr. Charles Tozzer, has provided the equivalent of over 4.5 million dollars of free dental care since then. The most recent Dental Care for Children excursion was undertaken on Memorial Day weekend from May 25-27 and took place in Les Cayes, Haiti.

The children’s dental clinic consisted of 2 USC dental students and 8 volunteers and was set up in the International Alliance for the Advancement of Children’s orphanage. With only 8 dental chairs, the team was able to see an astounding 182 children, many of whom had extensive dental issues.

In total, the team was able to provide 81,000 dollars in free dental care, a service for which many of the children were grateful. The Dental Care for Children team even handed out toothbrushes to the children, which they were overjoyed to receive.

Many of the kids in the orphanage were orphans of the catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti only a few years ago, most having lost their parent and families in the earthquake. Dr. Tozzer’s program highlights the extreme need that many of these impoverished areas have for top-notch dental care.

About the Haitian dental clinics, Dr. Tozzer states, “We started our trips to Haiti in 2008, before the devastation of the 2010 earthquake. The effects of the 2010 earthquake only strengthened our resolve to assist the Haitian community in whatever way we could. Fortunately, we’re able to run 3 clinics in Haiti per year, helping out hundreds of children who can’t afford or access basic dental care. The joy and appreciation exhibited by the children is really the most rewarding aspect of the process and makes every trip entirely worth organizing. The Haiti clinics are certainly the hardest but at the same time the most rewarding”

While the conditions in Haiti are certainly heart-breaking, with some families camping out for days in anticipation of the arrival of the Dental Care for Children team, conditions closer to home, in Mexico and the United States, require just as much attention.

The team has helped over 15,000 children in Mexico as well as providing free dental screenings for children entering elementary school. These screening are mandated by the state of California and many families simply can’t afford the cost. In order to learn more about the program, visit

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In addition to his work with Dental Care for Children, Dr. Charles Tozzer also has his own dental practice in Irvine, California. An active member of the Irvine Rotary Club, Dr. Tozzer has received the Orange County Heart and Soul award in recognition of his efforts to combat dental decay in children. To learn more about his personal practice, visit

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