Make Money Online Easy Thanks to Oro Organization, LLC

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Online PR News – 02-March-2010 – – When Oro Organization, LLC, and FusionCash, Inc. partnered together in December of 2009, it was a spontaneous decision resulting from a 30-minute phone conversation. The companies created where members could make real money online without fear of scams and schemes designed to take money from them instead. The successful website has many members who are right now able to log in and earn money when they choose, without paying a membership fee or any kind of fee at all.
How do the companies support this business model to help people make money online easy and without fear of being ripped off? Oro Organization, LLC, is a top lead generation company online that knows how to generate leads through search engine optimization and search results. Lead generation is something that's vitally important for many companies who are looking to extend their customer base and do the best they can to keep current customers. So it only made sense that by helping companies to generate leads and get consumer feedback, could become a top spot for companies eager for information from potential customers.
These advertisers pay to have members fill out easy questionnaires and surveys about their purchasing habits, their likes and dislikes, product preferences and what types of things they'd like to see changed and improved about a company's current offerings. They also offer free samples and special offers members can sign up for to earn money.
For advertisers at, the partnership is profitable in terms of feedback and consumer information that's so valuable to companies. For members, they get the opportunity to make money online easy and quickly without fear of being cheated by the many money-making schemes and scams that are everywhere on the Internet.