Personal Family Farmers Announces Late-Summer Planting, Harvest Better Flavor In Fall

Personal Family Farmers is reviving an old-fashioned tradition: multi-season gardening! Planting a late-summer garden will harvest better tasting veggies in the fall. Seeds planted in warm weather and grown through the cooler temps create even better produce flavor.

Online PR News – 25-June-2012 – Boulder, CO – Boulder’s gardening expert, Personal Family Farmers, is on a mission to revive the tradition of multi-season gardening and to help people achieve the full potential of home-grown organic produce throughout the year. Many vegetables like kale, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower produce their best flavor and quality when they are planted in the summer and mature during cooler fall weather.

Today’s common misunderstanding - that gardens can only be planted in the spring - stems from basic economics of large retailers that can’t justify using retail space long-term for gardening supplies. When the weather cools, Personal Family Farmers offers a Winter Kit: an inexpensive, custom-made cover made from PVC pipe and cloth/plastic. It’s possible to harvest vegetables until the holidays or extend further by installing a Winter Kit when temperatures drop.

Personal Family Farmers has a great assortment of organic seeds and plants for fall gardens. Their full-service approach is an easy formula for success even for beginners. A garden planted in July/August can have nearly all the same produce one might think of for spring planting.

Not even 100 years ago, multi-season gardening was as common as our multiple trips to the grocery store. Many people today assume tending a garden is too time consuming or difficult to undertake, but Personal Family Farmers full-service, no-hassle approach weeds out all worries. All the steps are included with PFF so the beginner and/or the procrastinator will have success.

Another fall service offered by PFF is silent leaf/debris removal – no blowers or machinery creating noise pollution while kids are doing homework or during a phone call or meditation. This fall, Personal Family Farmers will offer new leaf-removal customers 10% off whatever they paid another company last year for leaf removal. PFF keeps the leaves to use as a key ingredient in their custom-made, 100% organic soil, which is far more nutrient dense and extraordinary than any other soil on the market.

Any time of year, Personal Family Farmers supports clients with tutorial videos on their YouTube channel and next-step instructions via email. A community forum is also available for PFF clients to ask/answer questions and post photos.

While other garden services in town offer à la carte prices (which appear cheaper, but end up costing much more), Personal Family Farmers offers a no-hassle, all-inclusive package for beginners that is inexpensive and guarantees a successful garden. In the first season alone, customers will reap a harvest worth more than the garden installation cost. Each year thereafter it costs a mere $25 to replant. Personal Family Farmers soil is potent for 15 years with a simple addition of annual compost.

Full-Service Beginner’s Success Garden:
- All customers receive a FREE consultation
- Construction and installation of 16 sq. ft. modular bed with custom-made, 100% organic, prolific soil
- Expert planting of organic seeds and plants = included!
- YouTube tutorials, Facebook forum
- $335 includes everything - construction, installation, soil, planting - ready to grow!
- Pro-rated discounts for two or more 16 sq. ft. garden installations
- Additions available: trellises, water irrigation, planting map, ongoing garden service, winter kits

About Personal Family Farmers: Meet Catherine & Dale
With a mission to install high-producing, low-maintenance organic gardens across Boulder County, Personal Family Farmers helps people become more self-sufficient and healthy by growing organic vegetables. PFF is passionate about cultivating beginners and removing the mystery and intimidation from vegetable gardening; PFF’s goal is to revive tradition and plant a vegetable garden in every yard. Since 2009, PFF has offered 100% organic garden installations and full-season service.

Catherine Harley is a Master Gardener with extensive training in nutrition, alternative health and psychology. With a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology, Catherine is also a licensed nutritionist and certified herbalist.

Dale Zigelsky is a certified Colorado Gardener through Colorado State University, with continued education in greenhouse management and integrated pest management. Dale has an uncanny catalog-memory of vegetable varieties and a strong passion for locally grown, organic food.

More info & photos here: and Facebook community forum