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Online PR News – 25-June-2012 – N/A – Throughout history, cultures have adopted a variety of explanations and philosophies in the continuing quest for health. Illness has been attributed in turn to evil spirits, divine retribution, and bugs. Our contemporary model (allopathy) is built largely on the contagion theory of disease and the suppression of symptoms, and therefore promotes medicines and counter measures that fight harmful agents and their effects. This "opposite" model of therapy is logical, but narrow. It precludes other mechanisms, such as the "like cures like" principle used in homeopathy. Here, minute quantities of the very agent that causes the symptom also causes the immune system to handle it.

The holistic approach takes the broadest possible view of illness and disease, identifying multiple causes (both internal and external), and offering multi-dimensional "healing," as opposed to specific "cures." It is as concerned with one's propensity towards disease as it is with its transmission. Why does one person get colds or infections more easily than another, or at different times? Can we render ourselves more hardy and disease resistant before medical intervention is necessary, and more resilient when illness does occur?

Stress is useful. Healthy stress is the body's way of preparing to protect itself. Unfortunately, most people experience too much stress. They are stressed for extended periods, and the physical mechanisms meant for protection start to cause more harm than good. The term "Stress Management" is a useful one: It implies the ability to control the natural stress in our lives and the skill to keep it from overwhelming and harming us. A paper written for Maudsley Hospital and published by the National Institutes of Health reveals that evidence links the onset of major depression to stress. With stress management, you learn techniques to catch early signs of depression and take steps to stop the downward spiral. You might be able to turn your mind in a different, mood-lightening direction. Even if your own efforts can't change or stop the depression, your knowledge of stress management can give you the incentive to get professional help and support before the depression gets worse.

Nancy Parker offers Holistic Health Coaching and stress reduction courses both locally and for people of all countries. You may wonder how she does this but you can be rest assured that she does this very effectively, if you live close to Nancy you may benefit from her physical classes whereas if you live hundreds of miles away from Nancy all hope isn't lost. Nancy offers over the phone treatment and courses using standard calling and Skype plus other social networking tools. You can get a free health assessment over the phone with Nancy to work out which courses and treatment you'd benefit from the most. If work or your job is stressing you out and you're getting neck and back pains, Nancy can really assist you back to your normal happy lifestyle or even improve your views on happiness for more life satisfaction.

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