IVR Technology Group Announces iText sm

IVR Technology Group, a leading provider of intelligent voice response services and solutions, has introduced iText, a feature-rich, SMS/Text messaging application that can be coupled with their robust IVR hosted services platform.

Online PR News – 24-June-2012 – Amherst – SMS or Text messaging has presented an opportunity for users of IVR services to interact at a level never possible in the past. Now, for example, callers into IVR Technologies platform can receive critical bits of information delivered securely right to their cell phone. Address, telephone, contact information can all be delivered in seconds to the callers telephone while still interacting with the IVR information service call. “iText was created to provide options to the caller to interact with information at their level – meaning we do not have to dictate how information is to be relayed to a caller, the caller can make the request based on their preferences. We’ve also taken this approach to web sites as well. As you page through the web site content, you can now click on an iText icon to be connected via cell phone in near real time. More convenient than dialing for the individual browsing, more effective for the company using iText as critical bits of information are passed along to help with response management and forecasts,” says John Crouthamel of IVR Technology Group.

iText provides a higher level of interaction and information processing at the user level. “IVR has heretofore, in some circles, been thought of as an impersonal, non-flexible experience for the caller. We are very sensitive to the user experience and are constantly seeking new and improved ways of interaction. iText is an example of our dedication to improving the user experience," states Mike Byrne of IVR Technology Group. "We've had excellent feedback and results with iText and look forward to its continued development as technology evolves," continues Byrne.

Although in its early stage of release, iText shows great promise and potential. IVR Technology Group will continue to pursue the SMS technology base to build on its success with iText. The next generation will include self service options and more robust interaction between the IVR and SMS processors.

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