Addiction Treatment Program LDR Holistic Offers Educational Sessions

This press release informs the readers about the educational sessions offered by the LDR Holistic Wellness Center, regarding their addiction treatment program.

Online PR News – 24-June-2012 – Langley British Columbia Canada – Langley BC, 7 June, 2012 –LDR Holistic Wellness Center, one of the country’s best drug rehab and aftercare center, offers educational sessions for their clients who are in need of gaining the additional information about addiction. The important aspect of recovery often overlooked by many is the right to complete knowledge of addiction that can help anyone touch bases and gain strength to fight ahead.

The services provided by LDR Holistic start with intervention programs. These programs are arranged to help addicts understand their problem and willingly undergo the treatment process. The educational sessions are arranged from the beginning for family members and friends. In these sessions, the professional and efficient interventionists with the addict’s friends, family and employers discuss the intervention plan depending on the situation in hand by involving everyone.

The directors and fellow staff members strongly believe that just imposing the treatment is not enough to help the addicts to recover. Infact they should me educated well about their problems so that they themselves are willing to bring a change in their life. The several educational plans and sessions chalked out by the organization ensure that the addicts become aware of the seriousness of their situation, the way it affects them and their family, the effect it has on their life and social skills. This is done with extreme care and often on one-on-one basis so the client gains back the lost strength and confidence. Along with the standard drug rehab procedures, these educational sessions make sure the recovery is well structured and monitored, reducing chances of relapse.

The aftercare procedure at the LDR Holistic starts after the recovered client leaves the treatment facility. Aftercare is a tricky process and requires regular monitoring as well as counseling. Thus, the clients are taught regularly to develop social skills and motivated to lead a normal life through various educational counsellings and sessions. By providing sober coaching, mentoring, cognitive behavioral therapy and maintaining a balance of mind, body and spirit, the expert counselors at the LDR Holistic Center ensure effective recovery.

The executive director and interventionist, Mr. Jason Spies says that society stereotypes addicts as tattooed junkies with needles in their arms, whereas in reality they come from all phases of life. Apart from the medicinal treatment given to them, it is very important for them to undergo through educational counsellings that a change in their behavior is the utmost need to transform their life which can be brought about with personalised educating sessions.
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