Trimega Webinar - Women In Forensic Science And Child Protection

Trimega Laboratories recently hosted a panel discussion in London about women in forensic science and child protection in the U.K. Recording of discussion available.

Online PR News – 20-June-2012 – London, UK – Trimega Laboratories, a leading provider of substance misuse testing services, recently hosted a panel discussion in London about women in forensic science and child protection in the U.K. The webinar was chaired by Meg Munn MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Child Protection.

The participants included:
- Sue Carney, Forensic Consultant, Ethos Forensics
- Lorna Cservenka, Partner in the Child Care Law practice of Hanne & Co.
- Deborah Jacobs, Principle, Gary Jacobs & Co.
- Helen Swain, Forensic Consultant, Forensal Limited

Douglas MacSween, General Manager of Trimega Laboratories, said: “The perspectives that the panellists gave about the role of forensic science in determining the right child-care outcomes, and the way that it can form part of a court system that works more efficiently, are things that I hope the industry can take away from this discussion. Similarly, the role of women in forensic science, and the challenges they face to remain in the profession are issues that need to be constantly addressed and affirmed.”

Lorna Cservenka, Family Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year, 2011, started the discussion by considering the Munro Review of Child Protection and the need to increase the speed of progress of child custody cases through the courts in order to achieve the right outcome for children as soon as possible.

The discussion was brought to a close with a consideration of the initiatives that are being used to limit the time cases take to move through children and family court proceedings. Debbie Jacobs cited the initiative being led by District Judge Nicholas Crichton, who established the Family Drug & Alcohol Court involving a team of social workers, nurses and psychiatrists to examine cases and to offer help, such as drug counselling and psychiatric services, to families appearing before the court.

Biographies of participants and a recording of the discussion can be viewed via this link (

Full release available at Trimega Labs Media Centre.

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