Embrace secures $25,000 in Weingart Foundation funding

Southern California grantmaker invests in Embrace to support the Healing Our Heroes’ Homes (H3) program

Online PR News – 24-June-2012 – San Diego/CA – San Diego, Calif. (June 20, 2012)-Embrace, a nonprofit organization that mobilizes college students to address San Diego community needs, announced on Tuesday, June 3rd that its organization was selected for Weingart Foundation funding.

Embrace was selected to receive the grant above other competing organizations for its Healing Our Heroes’ Homes (H3) program. The funds will be used to support the H3 program on its mission to restore the homes of low income, disabled veteran homeowners.

With the Weingart grant, Embrace has secured over $84,000 in revenue, over 90% of its 2011 revenue total, before the end of the second quarter 2012.

“I'm very proud of the increased dedication of our core group of college student volunteers. They truly are the heart and soul of our organization and are the main reason that investors direct funds to our organization,” said Embrace Founder, Sean Sheppard. “We're all looking forward to serving more disabled veterans as a result of this grant and truly maximizing our efforts in the community.”

The Weingart Foundation is the third Jewish organization to invest in Embrace; following The Leichtag Foundation and The Galinson Family Fund. Embrace's core mission is to use serving people in need as the ideal reason to bring together diverse groups of people on a regular basis.

The Weingart Foundation is a private, nonprofit grantmaking foundation that seeks to build better communities by providing assistance to people in need, thereby helping them to lead more rewarding, responsible lives. The Foundation provides grants and other program support designed to improve the capacity and sustainability of organizations to achieve their missions in the areas of health, human services, and education.

"The community we serve is diverse, the people who serve the community through Embrace are diverse. It stands to reason that our investors would be diverse," said Sheppard.

For more information on The Weingart Foundation, visit www.weingartfnd.org

For more information on Healing Our Heroes' Homes (H3), visit www.Embrace1.org/H3