Updates Concrete Molds Information For Concrete Contractors

New information offered by educates concrete contractors on concrete molds, including information on types of concrete molds, how to choose the right product, how to make custom molds and much more.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Calimesa, CA – New information on concrete molds, made available by, introduces and educates concrete contractors on buying and making custom concrete formwork. New information on the site covers types of concrete molds, how to choose the right mold for the project at hand, tips for making custom molds and concrete product reviews.

The luxury of working with concrete is that it can be molded and formed into virtually any shape. Various concrete products on the market today, have made the forming process an easier one.

As covered on The Concrete Network, concrete molds are ideal for creating custom, more detailed concrete pieces, including concrete countertops, sinks, statuary, concrete furniture and more. Molds are also used to create detailed edging, and for stamping and texturing surfaces.

In addition, the site offers tips for making custom concrete molds from rubber and other materials, like Plexiglas, polystyrene foam and others. The site features a detailed outline of how to use concrete molds, along with a free video demonstration for creating forms and molds.

For the full-version articles on concrete molds, along with information on a range of other concrete products, visit

Article photo courtesy of Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products in San Francisco, CA.

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