YazBloodClotsNews.com : New Website Launched To Help Victims of Blood Clots

A new website has been created to help connect potential victims of Yaz blood clots with experienced Yaz lawyers

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Belmore, OH – The website Yaz Blood Clots News, http://www.yazbloodclotsnews.com, was just launched to help all women suffering from blood clots know their legal rights. Over 11,500 lawsuits are currently pending in U.S. Federal Courts due to the detrimental side effects of the birth control pill Yaz. This oral contraceptive has also been sold under the brand names Yasmin and Orcella in the United States. YazBloodClotsNews.com was launched to help bring justice to people who have suffered negatively from the serious side effects of Yaz.

Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella are created with a unique synthetic progesterone known as drospirenone. All of the common oral contraceptives contain two synthetic female hormones. Drospirenone makes Yaz different. “This website was started to help shed a light onto the magnitude of the side effects people who took Yaz are suffering.” , said site owner James Sweets, “Blood clots are serious and sometimes life-threatening side effects caused by Yaz. People need to be informed of their rights.”

Blood clots are formed in the legs within the deep veins and are carried through the circulatory system to the lungs, heart and brain. Deep vein thrombosis is usually associated with the blood clots caused by Yaz. Pulmonary embolism, a clot that blocks blood circulation in one’s lungs, is another serious complication caused by Yaz. The result of this medical condition is hospitalization and can cause permanent disability or even death.

The marketing of Bayer Pharmaceuticals has been significantly criticized by the FDA. Bayer launched a tremendously aggressive marketing campaign for the sale of Yaz in the United States even though there were early indications connecting the increased risk of blood clots with the presence of drospirenone in the oral contraceptive Yaz. They also claimed Yaz would provide effective treatment for several hormone related conditions. Victims can visit YazBloodClotsNews.com by clicking here.

Any person who has experienced blood clots while taking Yaz may be entitled to financial compensation to cover the burden of lost wages, medical expenses or any permanent disability that arose from injuries caused by Yaz.

The website YazBloodClotsNews.com is there to help victims learn if they qualify for compensation. It should be considered as a connection allowing Yaz victims to find experienced Yaz lawyers. The site provides information about Yaz Lawsuits , the side effects of Yaz and offers a free case evaluation to victims of the side effects of this oral contraceptive. Lawyers will only contact victims that qualify for compensation.