Corporate Connect Adds New Dimensions to Banking jobs in India

Corporate Connect an arm of FAB Advisors and Mentors is offering a variety of training courses to make a professional job fit. Banking jobs in India are among the top rated career options as it offers attractive salary packages and continuous growth opportunities.

Online PR News – 02-March-2010 – – The economic scenario is shifting and the banks have played an important role in the development of the nation. The banking sector play a major role when it comes to providing employment as there are around 27 public sector banks, 96 scheduled banks, 31 private sector banks and 38 foreign banks. All these banks have over 50000 branches which hire professionals on a regular basis. In the 21st Century the banks have become more technologically integrated which has opened doors to a number of new banking jobs in India.

India opted for globalization and privatization in 1991 and since then many multinational banks have entered in the Indian market. The multinational banks have actually changed the outlook towards various jobs offered in the field. With the advent of international banks there was a huge growth of the retail banking. It is true that the Indian retail banking is way behind the west but some finance analysts have predicted that it will grow at a rapid speed of 30% in the coming years. In the changing banking scenario specialization has actually become a key part for a successful career in the banking sector. This is the reason why there are a number of training institutes all across the country which teaches specific roles in the banking sector. Corporate Connect an arm of FAB Advisors and Mentors is one such organization which trains professionals to be job fit and market ready. Corp Connect offers custom designed courses for skill development which would definitely help you for making a successful career in the banking field.

The banks have started incorporating technology in its operation which has further increased the job opportunities. For using technology the banks need highly trained professionals who have complete knowledge about the work process. Another reason which has increased the demand of skilled professionals is the escalating competition among public and private banks. Corporate Connect offers hi-end industry based courses which will not only make you job ready but confident enough to shoulder any responsibility.

It is true that banking jobs in India are on a continuous increase but nobody can deny the fact that the number of professionals seeking jobs is also increasing.Most of the banks are on a hiring spree and most of them prefer individuals who have some of industry knowledge. If you’re stuck on the same post for a long period of time and want to explore the banking sector then you should enroll yourself in one of the many training courses.

Corporate Connect ( ) offers part time programs which allow you to work. The training provided is guaranteed to increase the productivity and skills of individuals. The courses at Corporate Connect are specially created by veterans of the Indian banking sector. It is true that the banking industry is growing by leaps and bounds because the Indian banks are looking forward to raise their standards at par with international banks. It has been predicted that banking jobs in India are bound to increase in the near future but there will be a demand of highly trained professionals.