Konie Cups Enters the Colombian Market

Konie Cups International announces their entrance into the Colombian market.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Miami, FL – A South Florida based manufacturer and distributor of disposable paper cups, Konie Cups International, recently announced their entrance into the Colombian market. Colombia is now the first country where Konie Cups has a distribution center in place of a manufacturing plant. By offering their traditional disposable water cups as well as paper cups designed for the food service industry, such as the Popcorn and Snow Konie cone cups, Konie Cups has opened up the opportunity to serve a broader array of customers in South America.

The Colombian market piqued the interest of Konie Cups due to the fact it has sea ports in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. With the help of both ports and the Free Trade Agreement, once it becomes fully operational, Konie Cups hopes to be able to enter additional export markets nearby. Before heading to Colombia, Konie Cups did extensive market research for over a year. After deciding that entering the South American market would be beneficial to the conical cup manufacturer, they began distribution in November of 2011. Thanks to their research, Konie Cups is able to offer disposable paper products that were not available in Colombia before as well as provide a budget friendly alternative to the more expensive products currently sold there.

While establishing the Konie Cups brand in Colombia, the disposable paper cup manufacturer looks forward to increasing brand awareness and developing a presence in a country that should continue to flourish in the coming years. Gustavo Roversi, the CEO of Konie Cups, said “What we look forward to the most is showing the Colombian market that our disposable paper cups are the most convenient, cost effective and sanitary way to sell, pack, contain, use and distribute a wide range of products and/or services.” Among the many reasons for entering the Colombian market, Konie Cups’ main goal is to offer consumers the best option to fulfill their paper cup needs.

About Konie Cups
Konie Cups International is a family owned and operated enterprise, dedicated to manufacturing single use conical paper cups for the food service, janitorial, industrial and healthcare marketplace. Konie Cups strives to build strong, long lasting commercial relationships with distributors, vendors and employees. Konie controls each step of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to every client.

Konie Cups is strategically positioned to serve the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and Asia.