CAS DataLoggers Announces New DAQ Software Terminal Server

Delphin ProfiSignal Saves on Software Maintenance Costs

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Chesterland, OH – CAS DataLoggers and sophisticated manufacturer Delphin Technology have jointly announced that the popular ProfiSignal software for Delphin measurement and automation systems is now available to run on Microsoft terminal servers. The new ProfiSignal terminal server version is now available for all ProfiSignal products and is especially useful for ProfiSignal Viewer, the universal offline analysis program. Delphin dataloggers and data acquisition systems see common use in a variety of demanding measurement and control problems in industrial and lab applications. These advanced solutions feature different analog and digital I/O modules for use with a wide range of signal types including voltage, 4-20 mA current, thermocouples, RTDs, and resistance. Delphin systems also offer powerful alarm and programming capabilities enabling them to process measurements and initiate actions independently.

The terminal server version for ProfiSignal is installed centrally and saves users significant costs on software maintenance fees. The new version then functions as normal for ProfiSignal users connected as clients to the server via LAN or the Internet. Users customize their own personal ProfiSignal settings which are then available from any client device logged onto the server. Terminal server versions for ProfiSignal are licensed according to the number of clients that can simultaneously access the ProfiSignal software and not according to the number of workstations, so users don’t always need to work from the same location. This makes the ProfiSignal terminal server especially suited to industry, R&D, inspection agencies, and universities with multiple users who can access ProfiSignal from many different workstations. The ProfiSignal terminal server is also practical for those just wishing to reduce their software maintenance costs.

ProfiSignal’s applications range from the acquisition of process data through to the monitoring and analysis of dynamic vibrations in equipment and at test stands. There are no restrictions on the number of processes that need to be simultaneously monitored and controlled, nor on the type of process, e.g. testing or laboratory installations.
ProfiSignal is a complete software system for data acquisition, analysis, visualization and automation. The software is very user-friendly, quick to learn, and combines professional functionality with easy operation. ProfiSignal provides a clear and logical overview of all measurement systems whether for single or multi-thousand channel applications. ProfiSignal is modular, scalable and available in three versions: Go, Basic and Klicks. Each version has backward compatibility for operability, data files and application projects.

The benefits of a modular design are not only apparent in the system's functionality but also in its return on investment. The duration and extent of user training represents a significant cost factor--for this reason alone, ProfiSignal offers users the best solution. Measurement hardware configuration takes place using the DataService/Configurator software included in ProfiSignal. This software configures hardware and software interfaces, recording data securely and permanently. The DataService saves measurement data to a database so that any ProfiSignal version on the network can then access these databases and immediately display their data as trends.
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