New Book Teaches Kids How to Conquer Fears and Achieve Their Goals

Author Rayfil Wong teaches kids about conquering fears and achieving their goals through the story of “The Brave Unicorn”.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – NY, NY – It is common for kids to have fears which stop them from achieving their goals. How does a parent help a child overcome those fears? What can they say to them or what experience can they share with a child to help them feel better about getting over their fears? Author Rayfil Wong has the answer in his latest release, “The Brave Unicorn: Conquer Fears and Achieve Goals”.

Six months ago in January Trot was given an important mission like none before. When a big tornado destroyed all of the corn on his family’s farm, the bank officers need to collect on the loan that his family owed. If the loan was not paid by June, the farm and house would be taken from them, leaving them homeless. With no other option and little hope, Trot’s father had to make an awful decision.

Would this decision make the difference between saving the farm or becoming homeless? How would Trot’s father decision involve him and what impact would it have on Trot’s life? Oftentimes life will throw parents or even young adults a curve ball and it will truly be a test of their faith and courage.

Readers will discover in “The Brave Unicorn: Conquer Fears and Achieve Goals” just the same as in life, people will come across your path to help you discover who you are and are there to support you. Join Trot on his journey as he is now the center of attention and is called upon by his Father who is uneasy about the decision he has to make.

Other characters readers will meet in “The Brave Unicorn: Conquer Fears and Achieve Goals” are Trunky the Elephant, Pandy the Panda, Chief the Penguin, Faith the Rabbit and Lou the Snake. When will these characters appear? How do they help Trot, The Brave Unicorn? Will Trot be able to face his fears and eventually conquer them?

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About the Author
Rayfil King Wong (黄敬業 ) is a Chinese American that graduated from UC Berkeley and pursued a career in the education and writing field. As a trained public speaker, he has spoken to over 3000 high school students in the San Francisco area about achieving goals and conquering fears while working at DeVry University. Wong was also a published food writer for Asian Week. After years of being mentored by successful entrepreneurs, Wong displayed his fearless side by appearing as a contestant on nationally televised reality show, ABC’s American Inventor in front of judges George Foreman, Sara Blakely, and Peter Jones.