Orange County Sports Medicine Specialist Adds Online Forms

Orange County sports medicine specialist Dr. Ralph Venuto believes online patient forms help to make visits to his practice more convenient.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Newport Beach/CA – Board-certified Orange County orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist launches downloadable forms to make it easier for patients to prepare for their first office visit.

California sports medicine specialist Dr. Ralph Venuto ( recently added downloadable forms on his website, helping patients get the resources they need before their first office visit. The Medical History form, Patient Financial Agreement, Notice of Privacy Practices Receipt, and Patient Information Form for the practice are all now available online. Dr. Venuto believes that giving patients access to medical forms online is a step that helps his team become more efficient in patient care.

"Online medical forms have become a norm at the modern medical practice," explains Dr. Venuto, an Orange County sports medicine specialist and board-certified orthopedic surgeon. "Our patients expect to be able to fill out all the necessary forms before they arrive at the office. Often, it's easier and less stressful to complete the paperwork in the comfort of your own home prior to your visit. Having the forms completed right from the start also helps our office operate more efficiently."

Online forms allow patients to prepare for some of the questions Dr. Venuto might ask during the initial consultation. The practice has added the following four forms on its website:

• Medical History Form: Patients fill out all the details of their medical history, clearly mentioning their health concerns and any sports injuries suffered. They also must mention the medications they've been taking. The form will help the doctor make a proper diagnosis of the patient’s condition and recommend an appropriate treatment.

• Patient Financial Agreement Form: This document explains the financial arrangements available at Dr. Venuto's practice.

• Notice of Privacy Practices Receipt: In this form, the patient acknowledges how private information about their health and medical history can be shared, used, or disclosed according to Federal law.

• Patient Information Form: This form helps the patient provide personal details about themselves, their emergency contact, and their insurance carrier.

"All the online forms can be downloaded or saved in pdf format," adds Dr. Venuto. "The patient simply brings the completed forms to their first visit, and we’ll keep this paperwork in their secure and confidential patient file. We care about each and every one of our patients, and see the availability of online forms as one small way we're making the visit to our office convenient and comfortable."