3500 and more followers on SiNApSE blog

SiNApSE Blog is delighted to share the news of crossing over 3500 followers.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Bangalore – SiNApSE Blog is delighted to share the news of crossing over 3500 followers. SiNApSE Blog is a leading Intellectual Property blog in India. The Blog not only provides space for interaction, discussion and promotion of various IP related aspects, but also for dissemination of IP Knowledge. The blog provides information on various aspects of IP such as Patents, Trademarks, and copyrights and so on. With contributions by IP professionals, academicians and policy makers, it has crossed 3500+ readers.

“SiNApSE” IP Blog was primarily launched with an objective of providing an interactive blogging space for promoting the progress of knowledge dissemination in IP. What started as an endeavor towards creating awareness about IP has today metamorphosed into a platform for IP professionals, academicians and policy makers for discussions and debates that serve as guidelines on emerging IP issues, thereby contributing an innovative space for IP discourses? It delves into advanced and contentious issues and spurs discussions on emerging IP issues.

The blog also deals with issues ranging from Claim construction to Open Source Software making it a key component of any serious knowledge pool on IP. By including data related to a wide spectrum of IP Statistics, the blog keeps the curious layman and the seasoned experts updated with the IP trends.
The following are the list of few activities on SiNApSE Blog:
1. IP poll segment where the verdict of the general public is published with regard to any IP related aspect.
2. An IP calendar which contains information about all IP related events happening in India.
3. Articles on some unique and unprecedented cases in the IP arena.
4. Publishing many presentations by expert on various issues related to IP.
5. Daily dose of Ip new Updates.

Please visit www.sinapseblog.com for all that you need to know on IP.