AMEX Co Launches Eco-friendly Cool And Hot Water Purifier

Amex Co in it’s endeavor to keep everything environmentally safe launches a makeup refrigerator for storing cosmetics in a constant temperature.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Seoul – AMEX Co. LTD was established in 1985 with the objective of becoming the initial destination for environment -friendly products. AMEX Co. LTD is trying consistently to cope with the current requirements to preserve the healthy environment and individual health. Amex Co introduced the elvan water purifier to the market. They have various achievements to their credit one of them is the completion launching of Cool and hot water purifier. Additionally the product launched by Amex Co uses thermoelectric technology which is an icon of non pollution and environmentally free technology. “AMEX carries out the research and development under the industry-academy cooperation system, establishing an associated development system and a joint research center with colleges. The main product lines equipped with the environment-friendly systems are water purifier, hot- and cold water purifier, reduced water purifier, air-cleaner, cosmetic refrigerator, softener, bidet, foot sauna basin, nano-silver magnetized water purifier, functional softener, car air- cleaner, humidifier, shoes sterilizer and so on.” Quoted from website

Amex Co ensures that all it’s products are environment friendly and Amex emphasizes on excellent customer service .The company executives and employees continue to make efforts to develop the best products like alkaline water bottles, washing machine balls etc with the help of new and advanced technology in the common orientation for promoting the living standard and quality of life for the customers.

Amex Co also started to export the products to Malaysian, Russian and Gabonese Market sometime back .Their products including hot and cold water purifier, cosmetic coolers have been highly appreciated in those places, more so because the water purifier is eco –friendly which is a highly talked about topic nowadays. AMEX has developed several eco-friendly products catering to customer necessities with the motto of "Quality Products and Competitive Pricing". They have all the right resources and advanced technology to manufacture high quality eco-friendly products