New Crisis Leadership Book Shows Companies How to Reduce the Financial Impact of Crises

"Dancing With The Tiger: The Art of Business Crisis Leadership", a new book by crisis leadership expert Jim Truscott, prepares business leaders to reduce the impact of crises and remain competitive.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – June 19, 2012. Chicago, IL. – High-profile instances of poor crisis leadership, such as the Gulf Oil spill, have focused attention on the importance of effective leadership, especially for upper management and executives. To address this problem, crisis management expert Jim Truscott has written a practical guide to crisis leadership, "Dancing With The Tiger: The Art of Business Crisis Leadership," which will be released on July 6.

The author has more than 26 years of crisis management expertise, and he has trained executives and management teams in the art of crisis leadership in more than 20 countries.

Reviewers have called the book "a wonderfully succinct and authoritative guide" and "full of common sense and objective advice." The book was written for executives, directors and officers, but anyone with an interest in crisis management and leadership will find it valuable.

Research has shown that executives and managers are responsible for more than half of all crises [1]. How they lead during a crisis situation can mean the difference between profit and loss. Companies that do not recover well from catastrophes suffer a long-term average loss in shareholder value of around 15%; those that do recover see an average increase of around 10%. [2]

The actionable insights and guidance in "Dancing With The Tiger" prepare business leaders to reduce the impact of crises and remain competitive.

Topics in the book include:

- Developing and implementing crisis strategies in teams
- The strategic management of emergencies
- Controlling and delivering perceptions
- Communicating with affected people
- Human Resources management during a crisis
- Preparing, planning and practicing
- Crisis governance

According to Malcolm Hafner, CEO of MissionMode Solutions, "When a crisis occurs, it's crucial that managers know what to do straight away, what steps to take, and have people and processes prepared for action. Jim's book shows leaders in various roles how to make that happen".

Print and electronic versions of "Dancing With The Tiger" will be available at select online bookstores. Visit the book website for more information and links to the stores:

Author Jim Truscott says "Now more than ever, it's vital that business has the capability to respond things that it does not know are going to happen. I wrote the book to turn leaders into effective crisis champions, and I'm excited that this guidance is now available to managers across the globe. And I'm pleased that MissionMode Solutions agreed to be a sponsor, which has made the release of the book possible".

The book is published by MissionMode Solutions.

[1] Institute for Crisis Management, "2010 Crisis Report."
[2] "The Impact of Catastrophes on Shareholder Value." Templeton College, University of Oxford.

About The Author

Jim Truscott has trained executives and management teams in the art of crisis leadership in more than 20 countries. He is the CEO of Truscott Crisis Leaders, a crisis consulting firm based in Australia. Mr. Truscott has more than 26 years of crisis management expertise and has guided executives through difficult crises for companies such as BP, J.P. Morgan, Kimberly-Clark and HSBC. His consulting firm serves companies in countries across Asia and the Pacific Rim. He is a former military special operations officer in Australia's Special Air Service Regiment, where he coordinated strategic responses to regional and global crises. "Dancing With The Tiger" is the author's fifth book to be published. For more information, visit

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MissionMode Solutions, Inc. is a technology services provider dedicated to streamlining communications and facilitating team collaboration for crises and operational incidents. MissionMode's unique combination of emergency notification, incident management and crisis management creates a web-based virtual command center that helps private and public sector organizations reduce the time between knowing about a mission critical issue and doing something about it. MissionMode is a portfolio company of SilkRoad Equity LLC (, which specializes in public safety technologies amongst other high growth sectors. For more information, visit