PBS Star Suzanne Andrews Releases New Water Exercise DVD for Arthritis Relief

When land based exercises are too painful for people living with arthritis, Suzanne Andrews arthritis water therapy kit aids in easing joint pain and includes the worlds one and only water resistant instructional booklet for poolside instruction.

Online PR News – 20-June-2012 – Daytona Beach, Florida – Healthwise Exercise proudly announces their new DVD just in time for summer, Suzanne Andrews Functional Fitness Arthritis Water Therapy DVD.

Touted as the world’s best water exercise dvd, this is the only doctor reviewed program by a Licensed Occupational Therapy Practitioner with over 25 years of exercise experience teaching others how to limit pain from their daily lives and live a more functional active life.

Filmed by the award winning WDSC TV crew at the beautiful Spa at Riverview in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, TV production veteran Mike Rentnelli oversaw 5 high definition cameras, including one underwater camera to make sure all the action was caught on tape to insure customers received premium instruction. Tami Salame, expert production editor, compiled all the footage and meticulously edited the video with hand selected music, beautiful graphics and a DVD menu that allows the exerciser to pick and choose whether they want to alleviate joint pain from their neck, shoulders, knees, hips, back, and/or hands. Going above and beyond, Healthwise Exercise, producers of Functional Fitness on Public Television, also produced two audio CD’s and the world’s only water resistant instructional booklet you can take to the pool to guide you step by step.

All of Functional Fitness DVD’s are reviewed by doctors before their release. Nathan Wei, MD, Director of Arthritis Treatment Center, Maryland confirms, "Suzanne Andrews Arthritis Water Therapy Kit is simple, easy to follow and incorporates everything you need in an arthritis exercise program. It includes stretching, cardio and strengthening in one effective program and incorporates the buoyancy of the water to ease joint stress."

Another remarkable benefit affirms Margaret Chang, MD., " Functional Fitness Arthritis Water Therapy is essential for arthritis. Besides helping with your muscles and joints, Suzanne Andrews helps you release stress with this program and decreasing stress is essential for treating arthritis because stress weakens your immune system. By decreasing stress, you strengthen your immune system. Stress reduction retards aging. Arthritis is a disease of aging so by retarding stress, you can retard aging. "
The DVD/CD is distributed by Bayview Entertainment and available (online only) at all major retail websites including Walmart and Amazon.
The laminated booklet with the DVD and 2 CD's is only sold at www.healthwiseexercise.com and retails for $34.99

Or Call today to order at 1-877-523-4848.

Producers of Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews airing to over 45 million on Public Television, Healthwise Exercise produces doctor recommended Functional Fitness DVD's therapeutically designed for specific conditions including arthritis, copd, diabetes and more. We offer real life fitness solutions for your real life challenges by a licensed rehab practitioner.

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