New Review Of Visual Impact Muscle Building Released As A Public Poll

Forget reading the personal opinions and reviews of just one guy. Instead, Fitness B&W released a public poll as a way for interested shoppers to see how the workout is working and to get feedback. The results are astonishing!

Online PR News – 19-June-2012 – Medford, OR – For anyone thinking about buying the Visual Impact Muscle Building workout by Rusty Moore, the smart thing to do is to search for and read reviews to see if it's worth it's $47 price tag.

As an innovative way to provide the most unbiased and accurate Visual Impact Muscle Building Review he could, Fitness B&W author, Kevin McMillian put together a public poll for the website's readers which ranks the workout.

According to McMillian, many of his frequent readers have purchased Moore's muscle building workout for men and he wants to get their honest feedback.

instead of giving only my personal opinion I thought it would be nice to get some feedback from everyone else who has used the program

"I decided to put up a public poll in order to get as much feedback as I could. In a few articles on my site I have recommended the Visual Impact Muscle Building plan to my readers because I was able to get such great results from it. But instead of giving only my personal opinion I thought it would be nice to get some feedback from everyone else who has used the program ... to really provide a great resource and to get more opinions than just mine." - Kevin McMillian

To read more about this public ranking poll and to learn more about the workout program, visit the website at

Although the public poll is up, Fitness B&W still does provide an in-depth review of Rusty Moore's workout. In that review McMillian breaks down the entire program and even provides some before and after photos that he took during the process.

"Yes, I do have an official review on the site because I do feel like it's important to see what you're getting with the purchase. Unlike buying a workout book (or any other book) that you can pick up on a shelf in your hometown store, it's hard to know what you're getting without a little extra knowledge. In the full on review on my site I do outline each and every chapter in the book and I put in my $.02." - Kevin McMillian

All in all, it pays to research a product before buying it. The fact that there are so many reviews and so many different products can make purchasing a workout program a fairly complex decision.

In the end, it's important to find a program that others are able to pick up and use as well as finding a program that is customizable to fit the majorities needs.

When it comes to the Visual Impact Muscle building program though, this one is tailored specifically towards getting lean and defined and it is actually not recommended for those who want to be professional body builders sporting 220 pounds of muscle.

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