Conquer Social Media Fears with New Internet Radio Show – The Social Networking NewsHour

Master social media with the new Internet radio show The Social Networking NewsHour

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Newbury Park, CA June 2012 – In the world of online business marketing, social media is one of the most critical keys to success. An effective social media campaign can not only result in a significant amount of money each month, but more clients and more opportunities. But for many, it is still an intimidating part of their marketing strategy, if it’s included at all. That changes with a new online radio show, hosted by social media expert Laurie Hurley. Hurley’s show, The Social Networking NewsHour, will target those who still feel overwhelmed by social media and offer tips and strategies for making social media easy, fun and profitable. Even those experienced in social media will enjoy ways to see more success with their social media efforts.

The Social Networking NewsHour will debut on June 20 on the Woo-Hoo Radio Network on Toginet Radio, It is slated to become a critical resource for small businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and others looking for the advice and guidance they need to successfully integrate social media into their business marketing plans. The weekly program will feature guests from a variety of social media-related fields who will offer tips and insights from their own areas of expertise.

Hurley is passionate about social media and its significance in business marketing believing that networking in any form is paramount to success. Hurley focuses her energy and expertise on teaching others how to make social media work for them and their businesses. In addition to founding the Social Networking Navigator and launching her new radio program, Hurley was the President and CEO of three educational businesses. In 2008 she embraced the online world and saw a 66% increase in her local educational business. That has always been a motivating factor in teaching others about social media by seeing the results you can achieve by doing it right. Hurley is also the facilitator of the Camarillo Contacts N Coffee group, a grassroots organization of business people and has been featured in magazines such as Woman's World, Family Circle, Entrepreneur, and Small Business Opportunities to name a few.

Hurley recently commented "I am so excited to be the first radio personality on The Woo-Hoo Radio Network on Toginet Radio. The opportunity to have a forum weekly for people who are overwhelmed by social media or just want some straight-forward tips on how to streamline their social media marketing strategy has been one of my goals since I began my business. My guest lineup so far is filled with industry experts who will add fabulous value to my show; sharing their expertise and knowledge about a variety of topics that will compliment a social media marketing strategy. This is the place to be if one is a new business owner, entrepreneur, or a latecomer to the whole online scene. We make social media easy."

The debut show is 5:00 pm EST on June 20th and airs weekly. To kick off the episode, Hurley will share a bit of background about how she became a sought after coach, consultant, mentor and speaker. She will then introduce her guests, Lisa Steadman, Chief Woo-Hoo Woman at Woo-Hoo, Inc., Debe Bloom, Confidence Coach and Life Coach, and JuliAnn Stitick, a professional stylist who will offer tips on the importance of image in creating a social media presence.

To take advantage of the wealth of advice that can help eliminate your social media overwhelm and create social media success for your business, tune in weekly to The Social Networking NewsHour on the Woo-Hoo Radio Network on Toginet Radio. For more information visit and for media interviews contact Laurie Hurley at