Gentech Pharmaceutical Sales Rise From Teva Pharmaceutical's Counterfeit Adderall Reports

The FDA’s report of counterfeit Adderall has given millions of Adderall users even more reasons to be frustrated with their medication.

Online PR News – 19-June-2012 – Fort Myers, Florida – Adderall users have been plagued with a supply shortage for over a year which has caused many to seek alternative medications from their physicians as well as seeking the drug online.

One of the fastest rising Adderall alternatives the medical community is embracing is ADDTabz from the US and UK based Gentech Pharmaceutical. Gentech CEO Derek Vest did acknowledge that ADDTabz sales have continued their consecutive monthly market share increases and can’t deny that some sales could be a direct result of the FDA warning. “It is important to know that the FDA warning is not condemning/fining our competitor (Teva) in anyway as the counterfeiting was alleged to have occurred from an online pharmacy.", said Vest.

Gentech Medical Director Dr. Stan Headley noted that the alleged counterfeit Adderall were ordered from online websites and stressed the absolute importance of ordering any pharmaceutical (including ADDTabz) from reputable online pharmacies if patients are not able to purchase them from their own pharmacy or physician’s office.

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Gentech Pharmaceutical applies the science of perfecting and improving current medications and OTC formulations/chemical structures to produce “designer pharmacological alternatives” without the side effects. This unique ability allows Gentech Pharmaceutical to produce the most therapeutically advanced and safe pharmacological products currently available.

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