Offers Action Downloadable Games To Its Existing Genre Categories
06/20/2012 offers a wide range of PC games under multiple genre categories. Gamers can choose among action, adventure, strategy, combat, racing, simulator, RPG FPS, space, fantasy, casual and many other game types.

Online PR News – 20-June-2012 – San Francisco / California – For those keen on playing action games, then they can download World War II and if they want to combine that with a little bit of strategic thinking, they can feel free to download Stalker. This game will take them to the darkest corners in the city of Pripyat a little after the nuclear reactor Chernobyl exploded in 1986. The player is an undercover agent who investigates the mysterious disappearances of five military helicopters and has to merge with the numerous stalkers in order to keep his cover.

Besides, gives its users the opportunity to download Sniper Ghost Warrior - the best-selling sniper game by City Interactive. It will amaze everyone with its great story line and realistic ballistic system. Manage your breathing for increased accuracy of sniper shots, cooperate with your spotter for a better performance and watch your bullets strike the enemy with pinpoint accuracy in Bullet Cam mode.

One can also easily download Alien Shooter Vengeance if they are in a mood for shooting. The large-scale sequel to the first part, Alien Shooter, is upgraded with an intricately structured storyline and It features a number of possibilities for passing, a plethora of additional quests, and a skill set to choose and develop your character.

Finally, when gamers get enough of war and action, they can chill and have a great adventure experience once they download Alice in Wonderland. There are a bunch of fantastic places where you can run hotfoot after Mr. Rabbit, shrink or grow and discover mysterious paths.

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