Mystery Shopping Academy Streamlines Process Of The Online Job Search

Due To The Growing Market Of Creative Job Search, Mystery Shopping Academy Developed A Premier Educational Website To Bring Knowledgeable Job Applicants To The Market

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Portland, ME – Mystery Shopping Academy, a leading source for ongoing mystery shopping education, announces the launch of a new easy-to-use website. The new website is in response to demand for a straightforward online educational resource for a growing job market not interested in the traditional job market due to frustration. MSA tailors to job searchers looking to make money with mystery shopping, online surveys, or focus groups.

As mystery shopper organizational requirements become more stringent consumers notice they have fewer resources to spend on finding the right mystery shopping program information. "We spent many months reviewing the needs of potential and current mystery shoppers to insure the best solution could be identified as quickly as possible", says Chris Austin, President of Mystery Shopping Academy. The MSA website was born out of a growing frustration with busy web sites that are over populated with information and difficult to navigate. Current and potential shoppers evaluations demonstrate a clear-cut need for comprehensive information, streamlined information section and solutions that are continually updated as the job industry changes.

The website design features a polished, efficient site with clearly defined product categories and user-friendly navigation tools. The comprehensive industry information is neatly outlined for each category and enhanced with striking pictures and extremely easy ways to find the content you are looking for. Members can easily navigate popular pages as well as more unique information based on what it is you are looking for.

MSA has developed a full scale informational and educational process that includes a certification test. Upon receiving your results from this mystery shopping test, you will have access to their list of approved mystery shopping companies. From there you will have enough knowledge to confidently apply to literally hundreds of mystery shopping job assignments. "Our goal with membership into the academy is to bring extremely knowledgeable and confident shoppers to the marketplace. After going through our site as a member and reading the EBook you receive with membership, you will be a valuable asset to any company recruiting mystery shoppers for their end clients", says Chris Austin, President of the MSA.

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