SodaStream Canada to Fully Support SodaStream International's Mission to Stand Up to Coca-Cola

SodaStream Canada will fully support SodaStream International's mission to stand up against Coca-Cola concerning "The Cage" eco-exhibit.

Online PR News – 19-June-2012 – WINNIPEG, MB - – WINNIPEG, MB - June 19, 2012 - The SodaStream Eco-Exhibit, “The Cage” has caused quite a stir in South Africa’s O.R. Tambo International Airport, as Coca-Cola South Africa has a cease-and-desist letter claiming that SodaStream has infringed upon trademark rights by using Coke bottles and cans in its display.

The Eco-Exhibit is used to represent the number of plastic bottles and cans an average family uses over the course of either three or five years and is meant to illustrate the immense impact and dangers posed to the environment due to packaged soda. There are more than 20 of these SodaStream exhibits worldwide including one in the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum has no plans to back down from the Coca-Cola’s bully tactics, stating: “It will take a lot more than a letter from a lawyer to shut me up.”

The new cola war is about making a choice. The options are a smarter, healthier and more earth-friendly carbonated beverages or the old, industrial, unhealthy, obesity-creating soda that has previously dominated the market.

Due to these old, unhealthy options approximately 1 billion bottles and cans go to landfills, parks, rivers, oceans, and incinerators every day, and as a result, are choking the planet.

“If they claim to have rights to their garbage, then they should truly own their garbage, and clean it up, “said Birnbaum.

Marta Mikita-Wilson, President of SodaStream Canada is supporting. “Our commitment to healthy living and the environment is very real and we will continue to stand behind that.”

SodaStream Canada distributes home beverage carbonation systems which enable consumers to easily transform ordinary tap water into carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water. SodaStream offers a highly differentiated and innovative solution to consumers of bottled and canned carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water. Their products promote health and wellness and are environmentally friendly, cost effective, customizable and fun to use. SodaStream products are available in more than 40,000 retail stores, in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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