AUTHORZILLA announces new Publishing Plan for Indie Authors

Global Publisher for eBooks, AuthorZilla launches new epublishing plan for indie authors.

Online PR News – 19-June-2012 – Gurgaon – Gurgaon, 19 June, 2012-- Global publisher AuthorZilla announces its new publishing plan, “You Succeed, We Succeed” for indie authors. Now indie authors just need to submit their manuscript, AuthorZilla will take responsibility to make their eBooks a success.

Unlike many other e-publishing service providers, where they charge indie authors for providing their services as plain vendors, we partner with indie authors and co-invest with them in producing the eBook, distributing it, and taking the eBook to success through rigorous marketing & promotion efforts.

Authors just need to provide us the manuscript (MS Word) file of the proposed eBook, and AuthorZilla takes care of everything end-to-end. We publish their eBook, distribute it, market it, do billing and sales management etc. Author just needs to invest $999, and AuthorZilla will co-invest $1700 to make this a successful project. Details can be found here: .

“This is the first time eBook publishing is being done in the true sense. Authors write while AuthorZilla takes the responsibility to make their creation a success. Till now, every e-publishing company has positioned itself as a vendor/supplier of services to indie authors. They were never investing along with author. We have changed the game, and for the first time we stand with the author to make her eBook a success”, said Saurabh Thakur, CEO of AuthorZilla.

AuthorZilla has a strong experience in providing e-publishing services to authors and publishers. With this new plan, they have created a disruption in e-publishing space.

“AuthorZilla is spearheading the performance linked payout model in the e-publishing industry. That's our innovation - our way of serving our customers. With this plan, author gets the legroom to focus her time completely on writing quality and engaging content for readers. They no longer need to worry about technicalities of latest tools/technologies required for ebook production & distribution and marketing,” said Saurabh.

About AuthorZilla: is a product of LearningLeads Education Pvt Ltd ( It is an India based global online publishing company that provided e-learning services to institutes/companies and e-publishing services to publishers. Their services have been recognized and appreciated by various corporate/institutes globally.