Fee Only Financial Planner Winship Wealth Launches New Web Clinic

Investing group Winship Wealth is starting a new webinar series.

Online PR News – 22-June-2012 – Larkspur, CA – Craig Slayen and the team at WinshipWealth.com have announced the launch of a free web clinic aimed to help demystify investing for these turbulent times. The site’s team hopes that the web clinics will help make more people aware of their unique investment philosophy.

According to Slayen, they decided to create the web clinic after hearing the same questions asked by new clients over and over again: “Although we have a diverse client based from many different walks of life, we tend to hear about 5 questions by at least 90% of them. For example, nearly all of our new clients ask us if it’s a good time to invest in stocks and whether or not they should risk their retirement money by investing. At Winship Wealth Partners we take a different approach to investing that doesn’t involve timing the market or risking assets. We feel that clients that focus on their investing behavior, which is the cornerstone of the Winship Wealth System, don’t need to worry about current market conditions or losing all of their savings. However, in order to fully explain our approach, we need time to explain to active participants. That’s where our web clinics come into play.”

Slayen adds that the clinics will also touch on the media’s role in shaping investor behavior. Slayen notes that, "Unfortunately, most people get their financial information from the media. While this does give you some basic information about what’s going on in the world of finance, it doesn’t actually give any sound investment advice. In fact, from our experience, the media’s ability to prod people’s emotions actually pushes investors to making poor decisions. That’s why a good chunk of our clinics focus on ignoring the media’s take on investing in order to find a sound investment strategy based on science.”

Anyone wanting to sign up for a web clinic should sign up at: winshipwealth.com.

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