Hard Whispers: A Gripping Saga of Global Intrigue and Political Thriller

Hard Whispers by Pamela Martin Duarte and Carl Henegan is a gripping saga of covert government action, global intrigue and modern espionage.

Online PR News – 20-June-2012 – Dallas, TX, June 19th, 2012 – Hard Whispers by Pamela Martin Duarte and Carl Henegan is a gripping saga of covert government action, global intrigue and modern espionage. It is packed up with full of intensity and suspense, but based on the reality.

The theme of Hard Whispers is incredibly appealing. The story is very fast paced and the scene changes are seamless. The novel starts with the unseen dark side of politics, but gradually takes the readers on an unexpected journey with a brilliant hero who explores global conspiracy theories and modern espionage in a masterful landscape. Every place the protagonist visits is vividly described. The readers travel the different places across Russia to Italy and on to Spain before coming back to the United States, while experiencing the various social issues and plots of government.

Hard Whispers is a thought-provoking fiction plotted around intriguing stories and characters. Pamela Martin Duarte and Carl Henegan explore various social issues, level of conspiracy, government action and global intrigue in Hard Whispers. It is a conspiracy thriller chock full of political intrigue and global espionage. It is Pamela with Carl Henegan, has explored “hot button” political conspiracy and espionage while intertwining a heroic story of an inspiring young woman, Pamela Graham.

Pamela has spent many years traveling abroad where she has obtained a multitude of wide range of colleagues and friends. Pamela Martin Duarte has mentioned her experience and espionage about varied aspects during her stint in Europe and Spain in Hard Whispers.

Hard Whispers is published by the Greenleaf Book Group in 2011. Pamela Martin is currently working on finishing the Hard Whispers sequel, which will be available globally this summer.

About the Authors
Style Network’s Big Rich Texas star, Pamela Martin Duarte is a vibrant and beautiful young woman. Pamela Martin Duarte is an accomplished fiction author, global marketing executive, and popular cast member of the reality TV show Big Rich Texas. Pamela Martin is the Chairwoman of the Luxury Marketing Council in Texas. She is the Board Member of The Fashionistas, a non-profit organization in Dallas, Texas, that celebrates artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries that make-up the fashion industry.

Carl Henegan, the author of Yesterday's Darkness is a member of the International Thriller Writers organization.

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