New Auto Buying Guide Helps Consumers Become "STREET SMART"

'Street Smart Car Deals' takes the anxiety out of car shopping with a simple and effective guidelines for a buying a car at the lowest possible price. From financing your new vehicle to negotiating with the dealership, this step-by-step guide to car buying is guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars on your next car deal.

Online PR News – 02-March-2010 – – A new independent car buying guide entitled 'Street Smart Car Deals' has just been released to help consumers navigate the complex process of buying a car. Author Giovanni "G" Beilman has put together an extensive collection of tips and resources to educate car buyers about the numerous profit streams car dealers use to exploit their customers.

Each chapter of 'Street Smart Car Deals' covers a different angle of the buying process. Beilman not only educates his readers on the ways banks and car dealerships profit from selling cars, but he also provides the best ways to avoid paying too much on financing, dealer fees, and of course the price of the car itself.

"The average car buyer pays about 20% more than they need to when you factor in financing mistakes, undervalued trade-ins, and inflated sticker prices," says Beilman. "Because most people only buy a car every few years, it is difficult for them to gain the experience needed to avoid all of the traps that are out there."

Perhaps the most enlightening aspect of the book occurs near the end where Beilman compares two similar car deals. In this chapter he shows how the "average person" buys a car, noting all of the mistakes they make during the deal. He then compares this average deal with one using the strategies shared in the book. The result is an impressive savings of over $5000 for the exact same car.

'Street Smart Car Deals' is independently published and available only through their website at Along with a money back guarantee, Beilman also provides his readers with a private email address where they can ask questions about the book and get feedback on any car deals they are negotiating.