Meadow Enterprises LLC Announces Pet Week June 20th Thru June 26th

Starting on June 20th Meadow Enterprises will feature information and products necessary for your Pet’s survival in an emergency situation.

Online PR News – 20-June-2012 – Mesa, Arizona – A large percentage of us have pets we love and cherish. If you needed to evacuate your home in an emergency, do you have everything set aside so your pet can go with you?

If you have to stay at a shelter, will you be able to bring your pet into the shelter with you? We will discuss what equipment, paperwork, and other items you need so your pet will be welcome at a shelter.

What will you do if your pet can not go with you? Do you have the proper food and water dispensers so you pet can be left at home by themselves for 2 to 3 days? We will discuss what equipment is needed if you should have to leave your pet alone at home.

Join us at this week to learn how to care for your pet in an emergency situation.

Meadow Enterprises provides information about emergency preparedness and food storage to educate the public about the need to prepare ahead of time for emergency situations such as natural disasters, major chemical spills, power outages, and evacuations. For each topic discussed on our web site we list recommended products to meet those needs.